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Work-At-Home Dads are More Popular than You Think

February 11, 2015

Matt Miles, LiveOps Director of Learning, shares some of the insights he has gained as a work-at-home dad and some advice for people seeking online jobs from home and other work-at-home opportunities.

Almost six years ago I transitioned from working at home a few days a week to being a full-time, work-at-home dad. My wife and I were struggling to coordinate our work schedules with our children’s daycare schedules, and since I had the more flexible job I made the move to work from home.

As I quickly discovered, working from home was not only a benefit for the family, but I was able to be much more efficient in my work. Instead of sitting in traffic for 45 minutes, I was able to start my work day while my coworkers were still stuck in their cars.

Picking my kids up from school and dropping them off for sports practice and other activities, often takes less time than I would spend chatting with coworkers in the break room. Overall, I find that I get much more work done from home than if I went into an office.

I am also surprised at how many people I know who actually work from home. If I decide to get out and do some work from a coffee shop, I always see a number of people from my community who work from home as well.

If you are looking for online jobs from home or other work-from-home opportunities, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Set Boundaries: Working at home with kids takes a great deal of discipline - remember you are working at home, not just staying at home. Having designated work time and setting boundaries for when the kids can interrupt can help you stay focused.
  2. Be Prepared for Background Noise: Even with the best intentions, sometimes a TV will get turned up too loud, the kids will be shouting at each other, or the neighbor will decide to try out a new power tool. Choose an office space with a door you can close, consider a noise-cancelling headset, and remember the mute button on your phone can be your best friend.
  3. Social Interaction and Communication: Communication is a must to be successful when doing online jobs from home. Without social interaction it is easy to become lost in your work or to feel isolated. Take advantage of technologies that allow you to communicate with coworkers and look for online communities where you can ask questions or share stories and advice with like-minded people.
  4. Working from home does have its challenges, but I love that I'm able to support my family and be here when needed. Being a work-at-home dad is a perfect situation that benefits both my family and my work.

    If you are looking for work-at-home opportunities, I encourage you to check out the independent call center opportunities at LiveOps.

"I am able to spend time with my husband who is retired from the military. I can take vacations any time of the year without asking for that time off. I can go spend time with my children, their school events, doctor appointments, sports, birthday parties, etc."

LiveOps Nation Member, wife, and mother from Georgia

"I could rave and rave about LiveOps! Working for them allows me to remain a stay at home mom in this economy. If it weren’t for this opportunity, I'd be away from my children somewhere, working in an office, and they would be at a sitter after school. Thank You LiveOps!"

Stay-at-home mom and LiveOps Nation Member

“LiveOps provides us with all [the] tools for certification and education of client products within LiveOps University, resources on product information, [and opportunities] for agents to share ideas and successes with other agents. Great management and tools to help your business succeed.”

LiveOps Nation Member since 2008

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