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April 22, 2014
Agent Selection Team
Karen Beaman
Director, Agent Talent & Onboarding

Spring marks the end of a cold season and the beginning of new life. Personally, Spring is my favorite season! I love all things Spring ‒ budding trees, blooming flowers, greening lawns, warmer temperatures, and being outside. If I am being honest, there is one thing about Spring I don't like so much ‒ allergies!

At LiveOps we see Spring as the perfect time to make a fresh start. It is the perfect time of year to learn how you can save time, money, and resources by starting your own business working from home.

As a LiveOps independent agent, you will benefit from a highly rewarding opportunity ‒ where you can work from home! This means, you save time not having to commute to the office. According to an article in the Washington Post the average commute in the United States is 25 minutes each way. More astonishing is the 1.7 million Americans who have a 90+ minute commute to work each way. If you have an average commute, working from home can save you over four hours each week. Imagine what you would do with that extra time!

Many LiveOps independent agents have told us that working from home has helped them save money ‒ they spend less on gas, work wardrobes, and eating out. Some agents love that LiveOps is eco-friendly and allows them to save resources. I encourage you to think about all the little ways working in an office affects you: sitting in traffic, grabbing fast food for lunch or take out for dinner, no sunshine or fresh air, stress from dealing with co-workers and bosses, and long commutes. Who wants that?

In this month's Spotlight Article, Greg Hanover shares the many benefits you can get from working from home and a few reasons why companies should embrace this model. It may just inspire you to get out of the office!

On behalf of the LiveOps Agent Services team, I would like to welcome all of the new members to our Talent Community. I hope this Spring will be your time to make a fresh start with a work-from-home opportunity at LiveOps. Apply today!
Karen Beaman
Director, Agent Talent & Onboarding

Spotlight Article

Working from home is a great deal for companies and individuals

Why work from home? Greg Hanover, Vice President of LiveOps Community Operations has a few good reasons for you to consider.

Ovum, a respected global analyst recently predicted the work at home agent community will reach 160,000 individuals globally by 2017 representing 18% growth year over year. When I look at how fast the work from home community is projected to grow, the only question I have is why aren't the projections higher? It's no secret that there are numerous benefits for both individuals and companies who embrace working from home. Here are a few I'd like to note.

Simply put, the work from home model provides a level of flexibility that especially important for those not able to physically show up at a place of business. We hear on a regular basis that LiveOps provides many people with a unique opportunity that isn't possible elsewhere.

The work from home model can help people achieve a better work-life balance and has been proven to drive higher worker satisfaction and productivity. Working from home allows individuals to take control of their work schedule to accommodate their personal needs and be more productive.

As a result of driving higher worker satisfaction, many enterprises are seeing higher retention rates. Not only does this allow them to keep top talent but it also provides a significant cost savings for sourcing and recruiting which leads to my next point.

Companies are able to truly attract top talent with limited or no geographic restrictions, while individuals are able to work for companies that would otherwise be too far away. This is especially attractive to people in rural areas or anyone who hates a long commute.

Last, and certainly not least, is the positive impact from an environmental standpoint. As companies and individuals take more responsibility and place emphasis on reducing their carbon footprint, the work from model allows both sides to be a more responsible partner to the environment.

LiveOps gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the all benefits listed above. You can build your business in a way that meets your needs and provides the work-life balance that you deserve.

If you're already taking advantage of all our model has to offer, great! If not, I encourage you to ask yourself: Why wouldn't I want to be part of a community that allows me to control my destiny?

Take control of your life and apply today!

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Oh, Yes I Did

Oh, Yes I Did
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"I am able to spend time with my husband who is retired from the military. I can take vacations any time of the year without asking for that time off. I can go spend time with my children, their school events, doctor appointments, sports, birthday parties, etc."

LiveOps Nation Member, wife, and mother from Georgia

"I could rave and rave about LiveOps! Working for them allows me to remain a stay at home mom in this economy. If it weren’t for this opportunity, I'd be away from my children somewhere, working in an office, and they would be at a sitter after school. Thank You LiveOps!"

Stay-at-home mom and LiveOps Nation Member

“LiveOps provides us with all [the] tools for certification and education of client products within LiveOps University, resources on product information, [and opportunities] for agents to share ideas and successes with other agents. Great management and tools to help your business succeed.”

LiveOps Nation Member since 2008

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