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February 18, 2014
Agent Selection Team
Karen Beaman
Sr. Manager - Agent Acquisition and Onboarding

We just celebrated Valentine’s Day and I am looking forward to seeing signs of Spring soon. This time of year I am always inspired to get all sorts of indoor projects done before Spring arrives and I want to spend my free time outside. I’ve seen many new independent agents join LiveOps in the past month and they are already busy building their businesses. If you join LiveOps now, you too could be on your way to building your business before Spring is in full swing.

Now is a great time to be an agent, and an even better time for you to become one! Apply now.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to share a list of five reasons LiveOps independent agents love working from home:

Reason #5: You never have to waste time in traffic or commute in bad weather.
“My morning starts with coffee and the news instead of getting ready for a corporate work day and travel time.”

Reason #4: You can work around doctor appointments and other commitments.
“I love being able to choose what days/times I want to work in order to accommodate my home life commitments…”

Reason #3: You can work in your pajamas and slippers.
“I typically wake up around 6:30am, start the coffee, take my dog outside for his puppy business, then grab my coffee & prepare for the day's work.”

Reason # 2: You are your own boss.
“I love being my own boss; it affords me the freedom and flexibility of my time.”
“I love owning my own business, … I can do full time work anytime I please and love LiveOps. I've been with them going on 5 years now and I love them.”

Reason #1: You can spend more time with your children or grandchildren.
“I like that I can make my own hours and really work around my kid's schedules. I never have to worry about missing a game, concert, or meeting because of work. I'm here when they get home from school, even if there is an early dismissal!”
“The best benefit for me is now that I have grand children I have more time to enjoy them and if something special comes up I get to be there for my kids and grand kids.”

If these reasons speak to you, apply today. Many agents tell us LiveOps was life changing for them and they wish they had done it sooner.

I encourage you to read this month’s spotlight article about LiveOps’ award-winning certification. It is one of many tools LiveOps provides to help agents build their business.

Karen Beaman
Sr. Manager Agent Acquisition and Onboarding


Spotlight Article

Award-Winning Certification for Independent Agents

Did you know that LiveOps has an award-winning learning team dedicated to providing certification that supports agents in building their independent home-based business? It’s true! Upon becoming an independent agent with LiveOps you are given access to LiveOps University, which houses over 700 learning programs.

New agents are first given access to a number of onboarding courses that teach everything needed to run their home-based business at LiveOps. Once agents graduate from onboarding, they have access to numerous program-specific courses.

Because independent agents are geographically dispersed, all learning content is delivered through our online portal, LiveOps University. LiveOps University allows agents to access learning content 24/7, and complete courses at their own pace. Each course is highly interactive and provides agents with opportunities to practice and reinforce skills. Delivery of content varies by call type need, but is primarily a blended solution of eLearning, virtual classroom sessions, and online reference material. Courses are purposefully designed to provide situational simulations and interactive content that make the content both meaningful and engaging. Current LiveOps agents engage with certification content regularly to grow their home-based business. Last year alone there were over 450,000 lesson completions in LiveOps University!

Not only do LiveOps agents recognize the value of certification, numerous learning industry groups have recognized the LiveOps learning team with four different awards over the past four years. Most recently Brandon Hall awarded the team with a gold designation for our blended learning design of certification programs.

Finally, there are positive changes on the horizon for agents now joining LiveOps. An upgraded LiveOps University platform is in the works, new eLearning course design has been implemented, and social learning tools for peer-to-peer collaboration are starting to take shape. The learning team is dedicated to ongoing improvements that will help agents with their home-based business.


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Oh, Yes I Did

Oh, Yes I Did
Sent on behalf of LiveOps by Findly, Inc. 720 Market Street, San Francisco, California 94102, USA. Findly helps you safely share your profile so LiveOps can find you for opportunities.

"I am able to spend time with my husband who is retired from the military. I can take vacations any time of the year without asking for that time off. I can go spend time with my children, their school events, doctor appointments, sports, birthday parties, etc."

LiveOps Nation Member, wife, and mother from Georgia

"I could rave and rave about LiveOps! Working for them allows me to remain a stay at home mom in this economy. If it weren’t for this opportunity, I'd be away from my children somewhere, working in an office, and they would be at a sitter after school. Thank You LiveOps!"

Stay-at-home mom and LiveOps Nation Member

“LiveOps provides us with all [the] tools for certification and education of client products within LiveOps University, resources on product information, [and opportunities] for agents to share ideas and successes with other agents. Great management and tools to help your business succeed.”

LiveOps Nation Member since 2008

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