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June 10, 2015


Agent Selection Team

If you follow us on Facebook, then you've probably heard that LiveOps independent agents participated in the Red Nose Day Telethon event on NBC. Our agents answered over 35,500 calls, collecting more than $1.5 million in donations to help children and youth living in poverty!

That is an awesome accomplishment and something I am very proud to be a part of. Being selected to provide call center services for high-profile events like Red Nose Day and Idol Gives Back, truly shows that we are recognized as a premier call center with agents who are top-notch professionals.

Many agents commented on how much they enjoyed this event and other opportunities that LiveOps and our clients offer to keep their home business fresh and exciting.

"I hope Red Nose Day was a great success for us, I had a wonderful time."

"Great charity. Enjoyed taking a part in this one. No child should be going hungry ever!!! The response was terrific."

"I wish to express my gratitude to LiveOps for giving me the opportunity to give back by participating in the Red Nose Day event. I was mightily blessed and I am sure everyone else was and will be happy to be invited next time."

We know that happy agents = happy customers so we are always looking for ways to keep our independent agents motivated, excited, and looking forward to the next challenge.

If you are looking for more variety and want work that excites you, now is a great time to find your calling with LiveOps.

Get started with our Inbound Sales opportunity, where you can provide services for a variety of clients and find your passion. Then grow your business your way by choosing the opportunities that appeal to you.

What kind of agent will you be? Apply today to find out!

Karen Beaman
Director, Agent Acquisition & Onboarding

Spotlight Article

The Benefits of Working from Home at Night with LiveOps

Author: Karen Beaman, Director, Agent Acquisition & Onboarding

Many people want to work from home weekdays or “mother’s hours,” but LiveOps also has opportunities for independent agents to work from home at night, as well as opportunities for weekend work from home.

Constance, a LiveOps independent agent since 2007 likes to work from home at night and keep her days free for other activities:

"I prefer to work late night hours. I sleep until around 11 am and do house work around noon and do workout exercise and prepare my dinner. I may put in a few hours after 5 pm and then go back to sleep. My work time starts usually at 2 am."

Even though she works mostly at night, she still enjoys interacting with callers and chatting online with other independent agents from different parts of the country. Constance tells us that with LiveOps she has been able to pay bills and take care of her family, while developing skills such as self-discipline, time management, patience, and understanding of customer needs.

A willingness to work from home at night or to do weekend work from home can give new agents an edge in building their business for several reasons:

  • Less competition for night and weekend work from home hours, can make it easier to schedule commits and build your business.
  • You can keep your days free so you can care for children, go to doctor's appointments, shop when stores are less crowded, or enjoy other activities.
  • You can build your business on nights and weekends before quitting your day job.

If you are interested in working from home at night, check out our inbound sales opportunity. This is our largest, most exciting opportunity. It offers a lot of variety and the most flexibility with scheduling.

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"I am able to spend time with my husband who is retired from the military. I can take vacations any time of the year without asking for that time off. I can go spend time with my children, their school events, doctor appointments, sports, birthday parties, etc."

LiveOps Nation Member, wife, and mother from Georgia

"I could rave and rave about LiveOps! Working for them allows me to remain a stay at home mom in this economy. If it weren’t for this opportunity, I'd be away from my children somewhere, working in an office, and they would be at a sitter after school. Thank You LiveOps!"

Stay-at-home mom and LiveOps Nation Member

“LiveOps provides us with all [the] tools for certification and education of client products within LiveOps University, resources on product information, [and opportunities] for agents to share ideas and successes with other agents. Great management and tools to help your business succeed.”

LiveOps Nation Member since 2008

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