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October 29, 2014
Agent Selection Team

Let me ask you a simple question: Are you happy at work?

If you are one of the 50% of Americans who answered no*, keep reading – or better yet, use this time to apply for an opportunity that excites you at!

At LiveOps, we have found that happy agents=happy customers=more value for our clients. So we work hard to keep our independent agents happy. That means offering a variety of opportunities that appeal to people with different interests and skills. It means offering award-winning certification programs for free, so that agents feel confident when they start taking calls. And it means providing you access to the best Virtual Call Center in the cloud so you can provide exceptional service. LiveOps independent agents are not just people who answer the phone. They are amazing customer service professionals who dazzle and delight callers; goal-oriented sales people who challenge themselves to sell the client's product; and caring individuals who love helping people on healthcare and insurance claims calls.

LiveOps independent agents are people like you who found their passion working from home with LiveOps. Go to today to find out if becoming a LiveOps independent agent could be your key to finding happiness at work!


Karen Beaman
Director, Agent Acquisition & Onboarding

*A recent report by the Conference Board, the New York-based nonprofit research group, found that 52.3% of Americans are unhappy at work.

Spotlight Article

Inbound Sales is a Great Way to Start Your Work-From-Home Journey!

Most new LiveOps independent agents start their work-from-home journey with the Inbound Sales Opportunity. These calls offer a lot of excitement and variety so that you can learn what types of calls you enjoy taking and start building your business your way!

Imagine being the sales professional that everyone wants helping them! Picture yourself dazzling callers with your ability to quickly understand their needs and connect them to the products they want. The LiveOps' cutting edge call center platform puts product information at your fingertips so that you can be that superhero sales pro!

Driven; Resilient; Confident; Energetic

Sales is so much more than just taking an order – it is understanding the caller's needs and overcoming challenges to close the sale, all while dazzling the caller with enthusiasm for the product. LiveOps independent contractors are sales professionals who take pride in their ability to delight customers while maximizing sales.

From a pleasant, polished voice, to a confident attitude, to their ability to ensure callers are excited about their purchase; LiveOps independent sales agents have what it takes to provide a world-class sales experience. They are energetic, upbeat, and able to instantly connect with others, always determined to hit their goals on the next call. Their positive attitudes are contagious and their enthusiasm for the callers, products, and services make them great brand ambassadors. These agents work hard and with a smile, making sales from home and reaping the rewards with the great per-order incentives some clients offer.

They thrive on the challenge of overcoming objections and have the resilience to make every offer on every call, even if callers decline. These agents are obsessed with success and have personal goals that they challenge themselves to meet.

Inbound sales is exciting and the largest independent contracting opportunity at LiveOps! It's high-energy, full of variety and potential for sales professionals who are driven to succeed. Apply today at

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"I am able to spend time with my husband who is retired from the military. I can take vacations any time of the year without asking for that time off. I can go spend time with my children, their school events, doctor appointments, sports, birthday parties, etc."

LiveOps Nation Member, wife, and mother from Georgia

"I could rave and rave about LiveOps! Working for them allows me to remain a stay at home mom in this economy. If it weren’t for this opportunity, I'd be away from my children somewhere, working in an office, and they would be at a sitter after school. Thank You LiveOps!"

Stay-at-home mom and LiveOps Nation Member

“LiveOps provides us with all [the] tools for certification and education of client products within LiveOps University, resources on product information, [and opportunities] for agents to share ideas and successes with other agents. Great management and tools to help your business succeed.”

LiveOps Nation Member since 2008

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