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"First and foremost, I love working from home so I can be with my little guy. In addition, I have learned so much from the seasoned agents and clients by attending conference calls about promotions, as well as sales techniques to improve my business. I especially love LOU (LiveOps University) where I've had the convenience of enrolling and certifying my business in different products from the comfort of my living room." Posted By: Aisha Vasquez Jackson, Sarasota Florida
"Independent contracting is a great experience! I am very inspired by the variety of opportunities. This business has really supplemented my income. I have virtually met a lot of nice people and I really appreciate the flexibility it has given me in my personal life. We've definitely had a savings with our time and our automobiles" Posted By: P. Campbell
"I have been working for Live Ops since Jan 2009 - it has saved my life - I am 63 with back problems and a husband out of work. I live in a small town 40 miles from nearest big town and this is a miracle for me." Posted By: Joyce Reinhardt, Cross Plains Texas
"I take care of my elderly father. LiveOps gives me the ability to care for him and also help with our family finances. If I were to work for a brick and mortar company, I would have to look for a nursing facility for him. Being an independent contractor means more to me then I can express. This has been a lifesaver for me." Posted By: Kathy Love, McVeytown Pennsylvania
"Being an Independent Agent gives one a feeling of accomplishment. Knowing you can stay at home with a sick loved one or have the flexibility to spend more time with your children, those things are priceless. A person's life should not evolve around their work. Independent Contractors feel more in control and are less stressed about their jobs being "outsourced". Frankly, less stress means overall better health." Posted By: Sarina Stanley, Lexington North Carolina
"I worked in nursing for over 20yrs, I got to a point where it became hard for me to walk or stand for long periods of time. I found LiveOps and it has been a blessing to me and my family. I can work to provide and also be there when my children play the sports that they choose. I have never missed a game since becoming an Independent contractor." Posted By: Carole Royal, Jacksonville Florida
"I am retired and being an independent contractor has given me the ability to supplement my income and enjoy a better quality of life. This is a wonderful way to work without the normal hassles of driving every day to work. This also helps our environment by not using up our limited gasoline resources or polluting our precious the air. This also gives me the freedom to plan my work around my personal life as well." Posted By: Linda Skinner, Villa Rica Georgia
"I had a job where I could take care of the needs in my home and pay the bills. Not only that, but we were even able to buy a new house. Now that hubby is fully recovered, I still wouldn't have my lifestyle any other way. There is no way to put a value on knowing where your kids and that they're safe and sound, and still be able to meet your family's financial needs. LiveOps to me equals empowerment!" Posted By: Virginia Hall, Broken Arrow Oklahoma