Phone and Computer Requirements
Through LiveOps you will access the command center for your home-based business. Here’s what you need to get connected.

Connecting to LiveOps

It's easy for your work-from-home business to connect with us so you can provide service to our clients from the comfort of your home .

Once accepted as an agent, there are just a few things that you need in order to start working online from home with LiveOps:

  • Corded landline phone
  • Corded headset
  • Computer that meets the technical requirements below
  • High-Speed internet access

Learning about these requirements for your work-from-home business and deciding which phone, computer, and headset you want can help you get started quickly once you become a LiveOps independent agent and avoid delays in getting certified to take calls. You do not need to purchase any equipment before you apply.

Important: LiveOps does not provide any equipment or technical support for your home-based business. As an independent contractor you must maintain your own computer, software, telephone, telephone service, and internet connection in compliance with our client requirements.


Your work-from-home business will need a dedicated landline telephone that is SEPARATE from any home phone line you use for personal calls. This dedicated landline telephone should only be used for providing services to LiveOps clients.

To set this up for your home-based business you will need:

  1. A corded telephone (no wireless phones or cellular phones). Your phone does not need to be fancy as long as it is corded and can be plugged directly into a wall phone jack and has a place to plug in a headset. Many agents use a basic landline phone that they purchase online or at a local retail store.
  2. A corded headset that is compatible with, and plugs directly into, your corded phone.

Note: Some agents purchase a corded headset phone in lieu of a separate phone and headset. Corded headset phones may be purchased online or at a local retail store.

Your corded landline telephone should have plain old telephone service (POTS) from either:

  • Your local telephone company
  • Digital telephone service from AT&T Uverse, Verizon FIOS, Comcast Digital Voice, Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable, or similar.

All features, including call waiting and voicemail, must be disabled.

You will not need long distance service to connect with callers. Please note that some agents choose to use long distance service to dial into the virtual classroom learning sessions for certification instead of connecting via computer and VIOP (phone service over the internet). This is a personal preference.

Important: LiveOps and our clients do not allow voice-over IP (VOIP) phone services (e.g. Skype, Vonage, Magic Jack or similar), Cellular phones, or Satellite phones. 

Your work-from-home business will need a personal desktop computer or laptop that meets the following requirements and is connected to the internet via a cable connected to your DSL or Cable Modem (NO wireless connectivity):

  • Processor - 1 GHz Intel Pentium P4 processor or better
  • Memory - minimum of 1 GB of RAM Memory
  • Operating System – must be one of the following: Windows Vista Professional Edition, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (Please note that Windows 10 is not compatible with all LiveOps clients, please review the opportunity description for specific program requirements)
  • Browser - Internet Explorer 11, Firefox (latest version)
  • Java – must be Java 8.4 or higher
  • Monitor – must be capable of displaying at least 1024 X 768 pixels
  • Sound – must have a sound card installed and be equipped with speakers or headphones. Sound cards are often included in computers and are needed to allow you to hear audio.
  • USB Headset – a headset that plugs into your computer for use during conference calls and/or certification sessions is optional.
  • Printer - a printer is optional

Important: Some clients and opportunities may have additional computer requirements such as different operating system requirements, a second monitor, or the ability to use client-specific software. If you are interested in providing services to these clients as an opportunity to make more money for your home-based business, you will be able to review the additional computer requirements during the application process. Requirements are subject to change at LiveOps' sole discretion.

It is strongly recommended that you configure your computer system in accordance with Microsoft's recommendations as outlined on their “Protect Your PC Web Site.” These steps include:

  1. Enable and configure the Windows Update module to update automatically
  2. Enable Windows standard firewall
  3. Install Anti-Virus software and configure it to automatically update
  4. Install Adware software to protect from spyware, malware, etc.

Your internet connection should be via a DSL or Cable Modem connected to the internet.

Your computer needs to be physically connected to the modem by a cable. Wireless connectivity, such as connectivity via a wireless router, is not acceptable.

Important: Dial-up internet service is not supported. You must be using a high-speed internet connection as specified above.

"My budget no longer has to allow for any of those expenses related to being out in the corporate world. It is my home office with reasonable computer/phone related expenses only.”

LiveOps Nation Member and grandmother

"As a LiveOps independent agent, I have a working identity, owning my own business, not only making extra money, but saving my family money." 

LiveOps Nation Member from South Carolina

“[LiveOps] has saved my life - I am 63 with back problems and [have] a husband out of work. I live in a small town 40 miles from [the] nearest big town and this is a miracle for me." 

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