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Customer-centric care comes naturally when you work for yourself

Teresita, Georgia, joined in 2018

Teresita, Georgia, joined in 2018

Secrets to success

“Customer service is what builds a brand, it’s what keeps a company going,” said Teresita Johnson.

Teresita knows the critical role customer care plays. That’s why she jumped at the opportunity to join Liveops and provide customer service for an esteemed national apparel retailer. 

Teresita feels empowered with Liveops to deliver top-notch service

Last summer, Teresita came to work with Liveops at the urging of a friend already with the company. “I just needed to earn enough to cover my new car payment,” she said.

Teresita contrasts her experience as a Liveops agent with work in a traditional call center she did years ago. “With Liveops, I’m not thinking about the metric, per se. Most of the metrics are what you would be doing anyway to provide great service, so there’s a lot less pressure,” she said.

One of the companies Teresita supports for Liveops recently recognized her as its ‘agent of the month’ because she hit all the benchmarks for high-quality service. 

Teresita said she loves the work she’s doing and a lot of things about Liveops and its virtual call center. A few reasons she gives Liveops a five-star rating:

  1. Flexible scheduling. Having the ability to select which hours she works with Liveops allows her the flexibility she needs for her busy lifestyle. 
  2. Constant feedback. The open communication she gets from her lead and other team members not only lets her get her questions and customer issues resolved quickly. The encouragement she receives gives her a sense of belonging to something greater.
  3. Working from home. With a schedule that’s extremely tight with a full-time job, school, family and other pursuits, working from home allows Teresita to get right to work without wasting time on a commute

“I am really thankful I found Liveops,” Teresita said. And she has no plans to quit after she makes her final car payment.

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