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Flexibility at work means fun times for father and son

Alfredo, New Jersey, joined in 2010

Alfredo, New Jersey, joined in 2010

Flexible work gives dad and customer service pro ability to be there for son's milestones

“If I have a break of an hour or so, I can say, ‘do you want to go to Pump It Up?’ I don’t have to worry about having a strict schedule, which has allowed us to have fun.”

And in between shifts, Alfredo and his son don’t just pump it up—they live it up. Sometimes on the weekend, they might take a ride from their home in New Jersey into Manhattan to visit M&M’s World in Times Square.

Dad tailors work around home schedule

For a single dad, having a way to earn a living by working from home is one of the most important things in life. Finding something that he can schedule any day of the week down to the half-hour can be a lifesaver.

Pump it Up! is a favorite destination for Alfredo and son.

Alfredo started working with Liveops as an independent contractor customer care agent right around the time his son was born. A decade later, Alfredo still works daily shifts for Liveops that he schedules around school pick-up, dinnertime and after bedtime.

“When I’m looking for additional work, I can take night time shifts, and there are still tons of calls coming through at 2 a.m.,” Alfredo said.

Alfredo has been a Liveops almost a decade. Find out why it fits him

1. Liveops lets me be a dad I want to be. Being there for my son is everything. Part of that is making sure there’s food on the table, the other—more important—part is actually getting to be there. I wouldn’t be able to raise my son the way I have for the last nine years if it weren’t for Liveops.

2. I’m making good money. I love the money. I’ve made $40 to $50 selling on boutique lines for an hour. (NOTE: Liveops agents are not paid per hour. Instead, they earn by the minute and can self-schedule commits for half-hour time blocks.)

Other agents have had a hard time believing me, but it’s true because I’m doing it. You can definitely make a good living as a Liveops agent.

3. We help each other. My favorite way of doing that is by sharing video tutorials. I like to make videos that speak to a tech problem my colleagues may be experiencing. With so many people with different systems, some things are bound to need some troubleshooting. Our Liveops support teams do a great job solving for these issues as they arise, but sometimes all it takes is a few workarounds. At one point, we had an issue with a scheduling app, and I made a video that walked users through a solution.

This isn’t specific to Liveops either. I’ve had a YouTube channel where I’ve been posting tutorials, which started prior to when I joined Liveops. I also like to watch motivational videos and I post the best ones so people can see everything is achievable.

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