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Gaining independence meant gaining a rewarding career

Aldo, Texas, joined in 2018

Aldo, Texas, joined in 2018

Building a business
He found his perfect work arrangement where he excels and gets noticed.

“I love customer service! I’ve done a variety of jobs at multiple call centers over the past six years. Ready to go out on my own, I joined Liveops last September.”

“I love that type of friendly competition because it motivates me to be the best I can be.”

“A while back, when I worked for a national mobile service provider, a buddy and I had a competition going to see who could sell the most. I love that type of friendly competition because it motivates me to be the best I can be. I ended up being 18th best in the nation for that challenge and my buddy was 12th!”

“I’m someone who helps other agents. When some of my Liveops colleagues said they were having trouble keeping up with updates, I volunteered to do group sessions where we go over each one and people can ask questions.”

Aldo has several reasons why he gives Liveops a five-star rating

1. Recognition for hard work:

“I’ve already received notice for the good work I’ve been doing at Liveops.” I work really hard and I am always answering questions in the agent chat. It really makes a difference in how you feel about your job.

2. Lots of opportunities to do great work:

Here I don’t feel like the office could close at any time. Even if we happen to lose a line, there are so many opportunities to work for another and learn something new. Having this sense of security when you’re used to  the confusion of “But how did we close down”, feeling [of being in a traditional call center].

Sometimes you can make all the sales and follow all the guidelines but if the building is costing too much to maintain then its eventual closing is only logical. Where I live in Brownsville, TX, there is only one decent call center left and I would never ever dream of applying at that gloomy place.

3. Setting your own pace:

Independence at Liveops also applies to the way you learn. When you are getting your certification, you move at your own pace. That means when you have something a little more challenging, you study it and restudy it until it really sticks.

In a traditional environment, everybody goes through the training as a group, which means when it gets challenging for you, you’re likely to fall behind. And when you’re doing great, you can’t move ahead and tend to lose focus a little. The Liveops way works really well.

4. A network of support:

Even though you’re physically independent and you do your training at your own pace, you’re not “alone.” When I have a question about anything, it usually gets answered within hours. In my previous jobs, it could take a week or two to hear anything, which was so stressful.

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