Agent roadshow: Sharing knowledge and growing small businesses

November 16, 2017 | Roadshows/ Leadership Events
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We’re back from beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina and our FINAL roadshow of 2017!

This week, we met 37 members of the Liveops Nation at Bonterra Dining and Wine Room for lively discussion, friendly banter, and fabulous networking! Traveling far and wide to attend (one agent came all the way from Michigan!), the agents were overflowing with excitement as usual.

Agents toasted over Icebreaker Bingo, asked some tough questions, and raved about the crab cakes.

When the talk turned to call volume, new opportunities, and the desire for growth, the knowledge and tips being shared was remarkable.

Agents encouraged each other to apply for different programs, to take a chance on something new, and to see where it takes them.

I was thrilled when Nancye came up to me after the event to tell me she is finally going to apply for the roadside assistance opportunity after a chat with a colleague at her table.

When Cheryl asked me what agents could do to help us get more business, I was absolutely blown away.

Also joining us were Liveops staff and partners. After meeting agents at our last roadshow in Atlanta, they couldn’t help but come back for more!

People connect at the Liveops agent roadshow As we close out the year, I’m more excited than ever about the talent in the Liveops Nation and the great things we have in store for the new year.

If you want to build a business and be a part of an amazing, supportive group of people, I encourage you to check out our open opportunities today.


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Tara Donato

Tara Donato leads agent engagement at Liveops. With a background in corporate strategy training and consulting, she focuses on connecting with the Liveops Nation to continuously improve the agent experience.