Cell Phone Connectivity

If your preferred opportunity supports Cell Phone Connectivity, you must supply your own cell phone with reliable cell service and coverage.


Digital Landline Connectivity

Connecting through your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) will be the quickest, most affordable way to set up Digital Landline Connectivity. This process is as simple as plugging your phone cord into the back of your modem (instead of that pesky wall jack that’s always in a different room!). This phone line should be dedicated to business use only, to avoid interruption from personal phone calls.

Setting up Digital Landline Connectivity only takes 2 steps and is much easier than it may sound!

  1. Call your local ISP and ask for a digital phone line to be added to your current service plan (this can be done for a nominal fee). Ask your provider to REMOVE any features from this phone line (call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding, etc.)
  2. Plug your phone cord into your modem and your headset into the phone (see image below for an example).