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Revolutionizing the World of Work

LiveOps is a technology company who has built a revolutionary call center platform and has created the largest marketplace for call center workers, uniting over 20,000 independent agents with companies all over the world. With no constraints on where or when to work, independent agents can work out of their homes or offices and provide call center services to hundreds of well-known clients. Where others may not have access to work, whether because of family needs, physical challenges or being in a rural community, LiveOps opens the door to a meaningful work opportunity by providing the chance to work on your own terms.

Joining ForcesWe Support Our Veterans

We encourage Veterans to apply and we support the mission of Joining Forces to give service members and their families the opportunities they deserve and have earned.

Creating a World Without Boundaries

LiveOps was founded on the idea that we wanted people to be able to work out of their homes in the U.S. and that we could provide not only a great work opportunity, but also a great customer experience for our clients. Years ago, many companies saw the quality of their customers’ experience worsen when they offshored their call center jobs overseas. A lot of those companies have decided to bring those services back to workers in the U.S. and have partnered with LiveOps to handle their calls.

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