Avoid Work-At-Home Scams

Liveops takes your online safety and security seriously. Below is information to help you identify whether an opportunity is legitimate or a possible scam.

If you have received a faulty 1099 form from Liveops, please complete the form here and our team will connect with you.

What Liveops Does/Doesn’t Do

For more than 20 years, Liveops has offered remote opportunities to agents in the United States. Recently there have been reports of fraudsters taking advantage of people who are looking for work-at-home opportunities. As a reminder:

• Liveops will only contact you after you have submitted an application at join.liveops.com.

• Liveops representatives will never try to prove Liveops affiliation with a picture of a badge or other form of identification.

• All Liveops employees have @liveops.com email addresses

• We do not use Telegram, Skype, Whatsapp or other messaging platforms to conduct interviews

• We will never send you a check for equipment

• Liveops will never ask for your social media profile information or passwords

• At this time, Liveops doesn’t have a “data entry” position available

Application Process Chart

Here are some more ways to spot legitimate Liveops opportunities vs scams.

Need Assistance?

Not sure if you’re speaking with a real Liveops team member? Reach out! If you suspect something unusual in your process, feel free to connect with our team at press@liveops.com.

Think you’re a victim of a scam?

The best way to crack down on the bad actors is to report them. If you are a victim of fraudulent activity, we recommend that you contact your local authorities, and also file a complaint with the FBI.


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