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Find answers to the most common questions about working with Liveops as an Independent Contractor Agent.

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Is this legitimate?

Liveops has thousands of Independent Agents who work at home. Read what they have to say on the Liveops Facebook page, or check out our Better Business Bureau Rating. You can also read our article on avoiding scams.

What are the calls like?

Liveops Agents take calls for a wide variety of industries and customer needs, which vary with each opportunity. Review the Agent Opportunities pages to learn more about the call types available, and determine which best match your skill set. Once you’re an agent, you can expand your business by exploring additional opportunities that appeal to you.


What is an independent contractor?

An independent contractor partners with Liveops under an Independent Contractor Agreement. They provide services to customers on behalf of Liveops clients. Independent contractors are not Liveops employees; instead, they work for themselves as small business owners and receive a 1099 form at the end of the year instead of a W2 form.

Learn more about being a Liveops Independent Agent in this video. 

What kind of computer and telephone will I need? Can I use a Mac?

Check out the Eligibility page for a full description of the equipment you need to provide services as a Liveops Independent Agent. Unfortunately, Mac computers are not compatible.

Does Liveops charge contractor fees?

No. At this time, Liveops does not charge a contractor’s fee. However, all independent contractors invited to provide services for our clients must pay for and pass a background check. This is administered by a third party, Sterling. The non-refundable fee for the background is paid by the applicant directly to Sterling.

Application process, age and residency

How long does the application process take?

The application process, including the background check, can usually be completed within 1 week, although sometimes takes longer.

How long does it take to complete certification?

Certification time varies for each opportunity, but most certification programs last about 2 weeks. Certification is part of new agent onboarding. Learn more about the onboarding process.

Is the application process secure? What do you do with my personal information?

We hold information provided by all applicants on a secure server. By submitting an application with Liveops, you are consenting to allow Liveops to share your information with Sterling for the sole purpose of conducting a background check. Liveops will not sell or share your personal information with third parties for any other purpose without your consent.

What kind of computer and telephone will I need? Can I use a Mac?

Check out the Eligibility page for a full description of the equipment you need to provide services as a Liveops independent Agent. Unfortunately, Mac computers are not compatible.

Is there an age requirement?

Independent Agents providing services to Liveops clients must be 18 years of age or older.

Do I have to be a legal resident of the United States?


Do I have to work from my home?

No. Independent Agents can work from any location that meets the requirements for the opportunity they select. This includes a quiet location with no background noise, that has a wired computer connection and equipment detailed in our eligibility page. Liveops does not provide office space for Independent Agents. Agents are responsible for choosing and maintaining a location that meets their business requirements.

From which states does Liveops source agents?

Visit our Eligibility page to see if you currently reside in a state where we are seeking applicants. This list is subject to change at any time and the opportunities available in each state may vary.

Can I live in Canada or other countries?

Liveops only contracts with individuals or businesses located in our eligible states within the United States at this time.

What if I spend part of the year in a different location, such as a summer or winter home?

You may transfer your home business to a new location, provided that it is located in a state where we are accepting new agents. Your new location must also meet Liveops’ phone and computer requirements.

What if I move?

If you are making a permanent or long-term move, you may transfer your home business to a new location and continue to provide services to Liveops’s clients, provided your move takes you to a city/state where we are accepting new agents. Your new location must also meet Liveops’ phone and computer requirements.

I am a former Liveops Independent Agent. How do I reactivate my status?

If your contract has lapsed, you will need to reapply to provide services to Liveops clients. Liveops does not contract with former Liveops agents whose accounts were terminated due to breach of contract.

Background check

Why does Liveops require a background check?

Since Independent Agents handle sensitive information from callers and serve as the “face” of the client’s brand, this background check is an important factor for our clients, and is routine in the work-from-home industry. The background check is only required of Independent Agents who have been invited to provide services.

What information will I need to provide for the background check?

All information provided on the Liveops application and third-party background check must be consistent and verifiable. You will be asked to provide verifiable information about where your home-based business is located. Your home-based business might be asked to provide additional information including, but not limited to, your Social Security number, driver’s license, government-issued picture ID, passport, work visa, or a utility bill that includes your current address.

What will cause me to fail the background check?

Applicants must pass the background check. Visit our Eligibility page to learn more about the reasons that might cause you to not pass the background check.

How long does the background check take to process?

The length of the background check varies by each applicant. On average, the background check takes between 1 to 3 business days, although in some cases it may take longer. You will receive notification via email from Liveops when the screening is complete.

Hours and earnings

How many hours can I work? Do you require a minimum number of hours or calls?

As an independent contractor, you can provide services during as many or as few hours as your schedule permits. You can schedule your time in blocks as small as 30 minutes, and choose times that work best for your business and life.

While there is no minimum login requirement for the six-month contract period, inactivity might affect your performance statistics, which could in turn result in Liveops choosing not to renew your contract. Some individual programs, at the client’s request, have minimum call or hour requirements to remain active in their program.

How much can I make providing services for Liveops clients?

Your business’s revenue is completely dependent upon your performance and the volume of service you provide, as well as the type of program that you choose. Some of our clients pay a straight talk-time rate between 25 cents and 34 cents per minute of talk time, and some pay this base rate plus a bonus for commission. Some programs pay entirely on commission. Sales incentives can dramatically increase revenue for your home business, so the better service you provide, the greater your revenue potential.

How do your clients pay me? How often?

Independent Agents are responsible for submitting invoices for their services with an easy-to-use online system. Liveops pays submitted invoices by either check or direct deposit (it is the agent’s choice), twice per month in accordance with a regular schedule it pays all vendors. The fees paid cover services provided in the two weeks prior to the payment date, if submitted.

Will I be paid for the time I spend certifying for programs?

Liveops does not compensate Independent Agents for the certification and product knowledge they attain, but certification is provided at no cost. The more programs you certify to provide services for, the more opportunities you will have to generate revenue for your business.

Do you charge a fee for your certification courses?

At this time, Liveops does not charge a fee for certification courses.

Being an independent contractor and business owner

What is an Independent Agent?

An Independent Agent is an independent contractor that contracts with Liveops under an Independent Contractor Agreement to receive or place calls to or from people requesting products or services from Liveops’s clients. Independent contractors are not Liveops employees; instead, you work for yourself as a small business owner.

What if I need help once I’m an Independent Agent?

Independent Agents have access to presentations, support materials, and conference calls held by our Program Specialists. If you need additional support, you can send messages through an internal messaging system or via live chat, which are available through your agent account. Independent Agents also share information with each other via forums, with topics ranging from how to decorate your home office to how to generate additional revenue for your business.

Will I need a Tax Identification Number?

Yes, as an independent contractor you will need a Tax Identification Number. If you are self-employed or have set up your business as a sole proprietorship, you may use your social security number for your Tax Identification Number. If your home business is a corporation, LLC, or partnership, you may use your Employer Identification Number (EIN). Tax law can vary greatly by state, so please check the requirements in your state. At year end, Liveops will provide a 1099 Form for your tax reporting purposes if the revenue your business earned meets the IRS minimum required for issuing this form.

Can independent Agents sub-contract or use the same EIN number?

Liveops contracts with Independent Agents individually. Each agent needs their own Tax Identification Number and works as their own boss.

Can I work for someone else while I provide services for Liveops clients?

As an independent contractor, you have the freedom to pursue other work while providing services to Liveop’s clients. Our goal is to provide our clients with access to reliable, professional Independent Agents. Independent Agents are expected to honor the times they agree to provide services to clients and some clients might have a weekly service minimum to help ensure that agents are current on their call knowledge.

Are Independent Agent’s eligible for benefits including 401(k), health, dental, etc.?

As an independent contractor, Liveops does not provide Liveops pension plan, health or disability insurance, or other insurance or fringe benefit of any kind. Each Independent Contractor is required to provide their own insurance, including unemployment and workers compensation, as well as other insurance deemed necessary to the operation of a business.

Contract termination

If I’m unable to take calls for an extended period, will I lose my status?

While there is no minimum login requirement for the six-month contract period, inactivity might affect your performance statistics and could lead to Liveops not renewing your contract. Some individual programs have minimum call requirements to remain active on their program.

Can Liveops terminate my contract?

An agent’s Independent Contractor Agreement will not be terminated by Liveops provided the terms of the agreement are fulfilled and the contract is not breached. If an Independent Agent breaches the terms of the Independent Contractor Agreement, Liveops can terminate the contract in its sole discretion. Liveops is not obligated to renew the Independent Contractor Agreement when the contract term ends.

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