Find work-life balance with an at-home call-center opportunity through Liveops.

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Love what you do with the freedom to do it on your own terms. The Liveops Agent experience is all about having control of your work-life balance, with the flexibility of working from home while having access to a support network that is invested in your success.

Why Liveops

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Have time for the important things in life

Our agents are artists. Writers. Parents. Students. Caretakers. Military spouses. Adventurers. That’s the beauty of the Liveops independent contractor model—you have the flexibility and control to work around the really important things in your life while building a successful business.

What is an independent contractor?


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Get a helping hand every step of the way

Liveops has an entire team dedicated to helping agents be successful with their home business. From onboarding, to call support, to ongoing certification, all to keep your home business going and growing.


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Enjoy the support of a nation

Every agent becomes part of Liveops Nation, a community of thousands of self-employed independent Agent contractors providing virtual services to Liveops and its clients. This community has dedicated forums – for encouraging each other, swapping tips and even competing in social media challenges.

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Agents share their Liveops experience

Succeeding as an at-home agent
Discipline and setting expectations of yourself are key to working from home. Beverly joined the Liveops Nation more than 15 years ago and used her professionalism and experience to...
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 Get started on your new home business

Flexibility. Support. Earning potential. Join Liveops Nation and experience the freedom and autonomy of being self-employed! This means you can choose when, where, and how often to work!

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