Are you eligible to contract with Liveops as a self-employed virtual call center agent?

Before you apply, check out our eligibility, equipment and background qualifications.

Mentorship - Master of Business Administration

Basic requirements

Let’s start with the basics. To be eligible to contract from home as a Liveops Independent Contractor Agent, you must:

✓ Be 18 years or older

✓ Have completed a high school diploma or equivalent

✓ Be a resident of, and authorized to work in, the United States

Are you in an eligible state?

Agents are as geographically diverse as their skill sets and experiences. Check the map to see if we are actively seeking work-from-home agents in your state.






















New Mexico

North Carolina

North Dakota




Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota




West Virginia


Washington, D.C.

Management - Leadership

Home office & equipment setup

Before you begin the application process, you’ll want to think about your home office and ensure it’s properly equipped to launch your new business. Your home office should be a quiet, distraction-free space where you can work comfortably, without a lot of background noise like children, barking dogs, traffic, doorbells, TVs and radios.

You’ll also want to review the technology requirements to be sure your computer hardware and specifications will fully support the needs of the clients your new business will be servicing.

Why do I have to pay for my background check?

Process and Timeline

Once you complete your application, you’ll be asked to submit your payment and information for the background and credit check via our secure third-party vendor, Checkr. In general, it takes 2-5 business days, although sometimes it may take longer. You’ll receive a copy of the report by email as soon as it’s complete. Checkr will forward the same report to Liveops, there’s no need to send us your copy.


Background and Credit Check: Reasons why someone might fail

Based on our criteria for independent contractor Agents, you may not qualify if your results reveal any of the following:

  • Two or more civil judgments/tax liens (excluding divorce or dissolution of marriage) within the past five years.
  • Two or more bankruptcies.
  • Debt that is past due or in collections totaling more than $10,000 (excluding home mortgage foreclosure).
  • Freeze or fraud alert on your credit file – it will need to be removed before you place the order.

Important: A low credit rating will not automatically disqualify an applicant.


Criminal History: Reason why someone might fail

The criminal history check includes the county, state, and/or federal level. Based on our criteria for independent contractor Agents, you may not qualify if your check reveals any of the following:

  • Felony records: Dispositions of guilty, convicted, no contest/nolo contendere, adjudication withheld/deferred adjudication/probation before judgment (if currently under probation), pending, or outstanding warrant.
  • Misdemeanor records: Three or more vehicular records with DUI, reckless driving or hit/run, or five or more total misdemeanors.
  • Any records involving theft, fraud, dishonesty, breach of trust, arson, or violent crimes with dispositions of guilty, convicted, no contest/nolo contendere, adjudication withheld/deferred adjudication/probation before judgment (if currently under probation), pending, or outstanding warrant.

Liveops contracts with agents in many different states, counties, and jurisdictions.  Background & Credit Checks are conducted in accordance with applicable laws & regulations within these states, counties, and jurisdictions and may include reporting at the local, state and national government level, from regulatory and administrative bodies, or as a result of compliance checks in accordance with federal government minimum requirements.

For USB Headset Connectivity

  • A corded, USB headset that is compatible with your computer.
  • For USB headset programs, the client(s) will route calls directly to your computer using provided software.

For Digital Phone Connectivity

Connecting through your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) will be the quickest, most affordable way to set up your phone line service. This process is as simple as plugging your phone cord into the back of your modem (instead of that pesky wall jack that’s always in a different room!). This phone line should be dedicated to business use only, to avoid interruption from personal phone calls.

The process only takes 2 steps and is much easier than it may sound!

1. Call your local ISP and ask for a digital phone line to be added to your current service (this can be done for a nominal fee). Ask your provider to REMOVE any features from this phone line (this includes call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding, etc.)

2. Plug your phone cord into your modem and your headset into the phone (see image below for an example).

Minimum Computer Requirements

Your work-from-home business will need a personal desktop computer or laptop that meets a minimum set of requirements.

Keep in mind that some opportunities have additional computer requirements. If you are interested in providing services to these clients, you will be able to review the additional computer requirements during the application process.

InternetWired internet connection connected to your DSL or Cable Modem (No WiFi connectivity).
Internet Download SpeedMinimum 5.0 Mbps or faster.
Internet Upload SpeedMinimum 3.0 Mbps or faster.
Processor3 GHz Intel Pentium P4 processor or better.
Memory4 GB of RAM or better.
Operating SystemWindows 10 or better.
BrowserGoogle Chrome (latest version) or Internet Explorer 11.
MonitorCapable of displaying at least 1024 X 768 pixels.
SoundMust have a sound card installed and be equipped with speakers or headphones.

Computer & Virus Protection

We strongly recommended you configure your computer system based on Microsoft’s tips for ensuring computer safety and security.

  1. Enable and configure the Windows Update module to update automatically.
  2. Enable Windows standard firewall.
  3. Install Anti-Virus software and configure it to automatically update.
  4. Install Adware software to protect from spyware, malware, etc.


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