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Every new Liveops Agent starts by applying for an opportunity, and then getting certified before taking their first call. Onboarding is everything that happens in between the application and that first call.

We’ve made onboarding as easy for you as possible so you can hit the ground running. A few simple steps and a $24.99 background check fee are all it takes to launch your home business and provide virtual teleservices to Liveops and its clients. Congratulations—at this point you’re on your way to contracting with Liveops! To move forward, you’ll need to agree to and pass a background check.

8 Steps to get started

1. Submit your application

Onboarding begins as soon as you apply. Once Liveops receives your application, we’ll let you know if you’re eligible for an opportunity. If you don’t qualify, there’s a good chance it’s because of your state of residence. See a list of states where we’re currently accepting applications. Also, every opportunity has different requirements, so you may not be placed in your first choice, but we’ll try our best!

2. Computer technical check

Since you are self-employed, you are responsible for all of your business expenses, including supplying your own office equipment, including a laptop or desktop computer. Using current technology is vital to the success of any business. In order to set you up for success, we’ll help you test your computer’s specifications with a quick 5-minute test to ensure it meets the technology requirement needed to be compatible with both Liveops and client environments. This easy online technical check is supported by a secure third-party vendor, which will report back on compatibility immediately.

One more thing to keep in mind: some opportunities may have additional technology requirements such as a specified operating system, a second monitor, and/or the installation of particular software. Don’t worry – we’ll outline the specifics for you when you reach this point in the process and you can decide what is right for you and your business!

3. Initiate a background check

Congratulations—at this point you’re on your way to contracting with Liveops! To move forward, you’ll need to agree to and pass a background check. Liveops uses Sterling, a secure and trusted third-party to perform background checks. You’ll be required to pay a non-refundable $24.99 processing fee, which goes directly to Sterling. Why do we conduct background checks? It’s a client requirement so we need to make sure every applicant is qualified and ready for the opportunity ahead. Learn more about our background eligibility requirements.

4. Sign your Independent Contractor Agreement and W9 tax form

Once you’ve breezed through the background check, we’ll send you important documents to sign: your Independent Contractor Agreement. This is your contract with Liveops, which is subject to renewal every 6 months. Be sure to read it carefully before signing. You’ll also need to complete a W9 form – we can’t pay you until that form is signed!

5. Find a client match

Now the fun begins! Once your application has been approved and your internal credentials have been issued, you will get access to all of our available client based, FREE certification programs. With this access, you can chose the client certification program that best fits your skills, interests and availability. This offers unparalleled flexibility to choose what is best for you and how you want to begin building your small business.

If you find that any opportunity we suggest isn’t right for you, that’s okay! You can always let us know if you’d like to wait for one that you feel is a better match.

6. Client-specific requirements

Some clients require Agents to complete additional steps. This could include signing a Statement of Work or submitting an equipment deposit. Don’t worry—we’ll carefully walk you through these steps to ensure you’re set up for success.

7. Complete your FREE client certification

This is where your journey as a Liveops Agent really begins. All Liveops independent contractor Agents are required to complete a certification course, specifically designed for the client with whom you’ve been matched.

Certification is a combination of self-paced eLearning courses and live virtual classroom sessions designed to guide you through the tools and practices you’ll use every day. Certification can take a few hours or a few weeks to complete, depending on the client and how much investment you choose to put in. Certification is facilitated by our award-winning Agent Readiness Team.

Before you get certified, we strongly recommend that you attend a Preparing for Success session. This live 90-minute session provides you with everything you need to know to get ready for Day 1 of certification. We’ll review certification expectations, walk you through downloading client tools, and ensure you have access to essential Liveops systems.

8. Take your first call

Congratulations, you made it to the big day! You’ve put in a lot of hard work, and now it’s finally time for you to shine. After completing the client certification, you’ll be fully equipped to start handling calls and earning money. We know those first call jitters are real, so we have an entire support system in place for your first week, along with on-demand resources that will help you navigate your first customer interactions.

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