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Insurance Sales

LiveOps independent licensed insurance agents don’t have to spend their time travelling and chasing leads to build a business. They sell insurance from home and are passionate about helping people secure their future.


Join LiveOps and you can enjoy having inbound leads delivered directly to you! LiveOps independent licensed insurance agents sell insurance from home. Instead of traveling to clients, paying for leads and making dozens of calls, they can focus on what they do best – connecting with people and closing the sale.

We connect you with some of the largest most respected insurance companies in the nation. Our clients do all the marketing to generate qualified inbound leads and they offer great incentives for insurance agents to make the sale – generally in just one call. Our clients offer insurance products you can be proud to offer. This is a great opportunity whether you are a seasoned professional or a newly licensed agent just getting started.

LiveOps independent licensed insurance agents are goal-oriented and driven to build a successful business. With LiveOps as a partner, they know success is within reach and they eagerly take advantage of all the support the client offers, including great incentives and opportunities to expand their business.

These professionals are passionate about helping people secure their futures. Charismatic and likeable, they can form connections with people in just one call and quickly focus on how insurance can help protect what matters most to the caller. They are driven to learn the products inside and out so that they can confidently present the product and overcome challenges to help every caller get the insurance they need. 

If you have a passion for insurance sales and the charisma to instantly connect with people this could be a great opportunity for you to sell insurance from home and build your own business. With no earning caps, the sky is the limit for your sales goals. 

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"Before joining LiveOps six years ago, I was traveling a 100 mile radius to three or four appointments per day, long 12-14 hour days, horrific traffic, and outrageous gasoline prices. There was no time for a personal life, family, or friends."

Insurance agent and LiveOps Nation Member since 2008

“The agency where I work decided to cut hours like that of so many jobs today … I was able to not only join [LiveOps] as a new agent, but within about six weeks had also replaced all of the income from the hours lost on my agency position and then some!”

Insurance agent and LiveOps Nation Member since 2013

"I have learned so much from the seasoned agents and clients by attending conference calls about promotions, as well as sales techniques to improve my business. I especially love LOU (LiveOps University) where I've had the convenience of enrolling and certifying my business in different products."  

LiveOps Nation Member from Florida

How do I get started?

Check out important information about our phone and computer requirements, setting up your home office, and what to expect when you apply to sell insurance from home.

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What does it take to be an independent insurance agent who contracts with LiveOps?

  • Do you have your insurance license? If you don’t have your insurance license, we have several great non-licensed opportunities that may be of interest to you.
  • Do you have a phenomenal sounding phone voice? Unsure how you sound to others over the phone? Ask a friend if your phone voice is polite, professional, friendly, energetic, and confident sounding - one they would want to hear when they call a company to inquire about insurance.
  • Is the ability to quickly make a connection with others over the phone your super power? Successful independent agents are able to use their voice inflection and tone to sound like a friend recommending an insurance product they know the caller needs and will appreciate having. 
  • Do you possess a resilient, positive attitude with the ability to hear “no” without taking it personally? Successful independent sales agents don’t give up; they just answer the next call and try again.
  • Are you goal-oriented and driven to succeed? Making money on sales calls is all about the effort you put into maximizing the sale.

You will represent top insurance companies and seek to sell an insurance product to the caller. Our clients are creative marketers and will deploy numerous methods to drive people to call. From traditional television and radio ads and direct mailers, to ads on the back of store receipts, our clients will pull out all stops to deliver inbound leads to our agents.

Our clients’ marketing efforts drive people to call and you work your magic to convert them to sales. In addition, our clients are looking for agents to be the voice of their brand, achieve sales goals, and strengthen customer loyalty. They want their callers to become customers for life and call back to have their ongoing insurance needs met. 

As an agent, you will have access to our free, award-winning certification courses designed to help you learn about the variety of great products that you can represent. That way you will be confident and prepared to reach your work from home sales goals!


In order to give you the most freedom and flexibility with your work schedule, LiveOps works with agents as independent contractors.

Owning your own business is easier than you think when you partner with LiveOps. We connect professionals, like you, with clients. We have tools available that make managing your LiveOps independent business easy. From award-winning certification courses to scheduling and invoicing tools - we want LiveOps agents to have the best in the industry. All you have to do is provide fabulous service and manage and grow your business the way you want. At LiveOps, you control your journey – the key to additional growth opportunities lies with you and is based on your performance.

You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. With our large community of agents ready to lend advice, you really can build and own a business to be proud of.


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