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Community support enables her to succeed on her own

Kathy, Florida, joined in 2000

Building a business
Flexibility attracted her to Liveops, she stays because of the way she’s treated.

“Everybody likes to hear “way to go” sometimes, which is how it works at Liveops.”

“There’s a lot I love about working with Liveops but what I love most is the flexibility. It allows me to have a life. I have more time with my family, there’s flexibility to take time off. When I need to go to an appointment or take two weeks off to go out of town, I just do it! It’s not ‘mother may I? I need this time off.’ You make your own rules.”

“I also don’t have to worry about parking or how I’m dressed. I could be in bunny slippers and no one knows!”

Kathy gives Liveops a five-star rating because she is “heard” and supported

After 19 years with Liveops, the reason Kathy gives the company a five-star rating, isn’t because of the flexibility. It’s because of the way she says agents are treated—with respect and they resources they need to succeed. That support is given in three ways:

  1. All of the information at your fingertips. Liveops provides conferences, online trainings and self-paced product knowledge modules that makes it very easy for most people to learn what they need to in order to be successful. Participating in this and fully understanding what you are being taught is fundamental to an agent’s success.
  2. Liveops encourages agent conversations. Liveops values agents speaking to each other. This is helpful because talking to another person who is working on the same product as you are can make a world of difference.
  3. Agents get positive feedback and constructive criticism. Everybody likes to hear “way to go” sometimes, which is how it works at Liveops. You feel appreciated and very supported. There’s a good balance of positive feedback and clearly outlines ways for improvement.

You meet and spend time with your peers and the executives at Liveops. I attend Liveops roadshows when they come to my neck of the woods. The Liveops CEO [Greg Hanover] and other executives are there. They want to hear from us about what works and what doesn’t, and they listen to us. I also spend time with a lot of agents I work with. It makes a difference.

Visit the Liveops Nation community page to peak into what that support system is like.

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