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Work-from-home insurance claims job opportunities

Work from home: Insurance claims

Contracting with Liveops as a work-from-home insurance claims agent is a good choice for people who are empathetic and love helping people through difficult situations. Prior experience is strongly recommended for work-from-home insurance claims jobs. Calls are typically available between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern time.

Be the voice every caller hopes to hear when they call to report a claim.

If you’ve ever been in an accident or had your home damaged, then you know how traumatic it can be. When someone calls their insurance company, they need to talk to someone who will listen, understand what they’ve been through, and reassure them that everything will be okay. If this sounds like you, a work-from-home insurance claims job could be the right fit.

Are you the insurance agent our clients are looking for?

  • Do you find it easy to connect with people and empathize when they’re upset, while remaining compassionate and emotionally strong?

  • Do your friends describe you as a good listener with a soothing voice?

  • Do you learn quickly, enjoy helping people, and have a keen eye for detail?

  • Can you carry on a conversation, listening carefully and attentively, while also looking things up on a computer and accurately entering information?

  • When a large storm or natural disaster occurs, will you be eager to get on the phone and help those in need with their claims?

As a Liveops independent work-from-home insurance claims agent, you can be that someone.

What are insurance claims calls like?

It’s now easier than ever to find insurance companies hiring work-from-home agents. You will be the helping voice when someone calls to report an insurance claim. These callers are people like your friends, family and neighbors, and they might be upset and emotional. They will need your compassion and patience to gently walk them through the claims process while assuring them that they are being taken care of and everything will be alright.

While on the phone, you will collect the caller’s information, enter it into the computer, and provide them with accurate information about what to expect during the claims process. Your ability to listen to and empathize with the caller while staying focused on accurately entering the claim information is critical to your success on these calls.

Many Liveops agents find these calls challenging at first, but they love helping people and take pride in making a difficult time easier for each and every caller.

If you find helping others rewarding and fulfilling, insurance claims may be a great work-from-home opportunity for you.