Home-based call center job contracts

Success with Liveops is about choosing an opportunity that matches your skills, experience, and availability, then building your own business by delivering amazing customer service. Choose a home-based call center job contract that makes you feel excited, confident and determined to stick with it and succeed.

Opportunities Overview

Use this chart to find home-based call center job opportunities that are a good fit for you. All are remote and offer flexible scheduling within the available hours.

No minimum
Upbeat, positive attitude, loves challenges
Customer service, sales or call center experience
Peak times:
8am - 11pm
+ weekends
Friendly, prompt and organized
Roadside service or dispatch experience
Varies by client
Varies by client
Patient, tech savvy, loves problem solving and helping people
Technical support and customer service experience
9am - 6pm
Empathetic, loves helping people through difficult situations
Prior insurance claims experience
Peak times: 12pm - 8pm
Varies by client
Charismatic, able to quickly connect and close a sale
A valid insurance license is required. Multiple licenses are recommended.
Varies based on client
Varies based on client
Polite, professional, enjoys solving problems and making customers happy
Customer service, call center experience, or other service oriented work
Peak times:
3pm to 12am
Nights and weekends
Service oriented, enjoys quick calls
Master multi-tasker, who can take order quickly and accurately
8am - 8pm
Strong listening skills, able to build relationships with people through empathy and compassion
Customer-focused experience in a healthcare, social work or outreach setting and phone support or call center experience
Peak times: Weekdays 9am - 8pm + Saturday 9am - 3pm
Active listener, friendly, patient, empathetic, loves solving problems
Payroll and customer service experience, with strong data entry skills

*Available hours reference Eastern time and are subject to change

Work from home opportunities that fit your skills and lifestyle

Become an independent contractor with Liveops and build a thriving work-at-home business in customer service for top brands in a variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, insurance and travel and hospitality. Leverage your existing skillset to find the industry and corresponding home-based call center job contract that fits your needs.. Find out what each type of call is like, and key requirements for each line.

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You're in control

As an independent contractor providing services to Liveops and its clients, you control where, when and how you work. One way you can exercise this control is by choosing which opportunities you want to pursue.

You still have responsibilities

Your work will need to meet the terms you accept in your independent contractor agreement and statements of work (SOW), which outline client campaigns and expectations. It is important to read these documents carefully.

Building your skills to build your business

Liveops is known for the skill-building courses and learning materials you can access to help grow your business. Be sure to note the certification course schedule associated with each opportunity. Completing these courses on schedule can help you grow your business faster.

You'll need a quiet place to work

Independent contractors can work from any quiet location with a dedicated landline phone and wired internet connection—sorry, no working from the local café. Most agents choose to work from home.

You choose and buy your own equipment

Contractors purchase and maintain their own phone, computer and any other equipment or services needed. Review our minimum technical requirements before making any purchases and save those receipts—business expenses may qualify for tax deductions. Some clients/programs have additional requirements so please review the requirements listed in each opportunity description carefully.

Speaking of taxes...

Independent contractors submit invoices for the services they provide. Since we are not an employer, we do not withhold taxes. A quick call to your accountant can help you understand what you need to do to report and pay the appropriate taxes on your earnings.

Health insurance and retirement planning

There are many ways contractors can get insurance coverage and save for retirement. Some agents are covered on their spouses’ plans. Others get coverage through their state's health insurance marketplace.

Supplementing retirement, disability or other income

Many contractors use their Liveops business for supplemental income. An accountant can help you understand any income limits that might apply to your situation so you can choose an opportunity that fits your needs.

A word about professionalism

You wouldn’t keep using a plumber who showed up late, was unprepared or just didn’t meet your expectations, right? Our clients feel the same way. Successful contractors take their business seriously, are at their best on every call and keep all communications professional.

Are you ready to be your own boss?

Now that you know what being your own boss is all about, let’s find an opportunity that fits your skills and schedule. Just close out of this guide to explore your options.

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