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Broaden Your Horizons and Learn How to Become a LiveOps Independent Agent

When you apply for an opportunity at LiveOps, you are applying to become part of an elite community of amazing virtual call center professionals. This is your opportunity to be your own boss and to do meaningful work from home that fits your interests, your passion, and your life.

Our multi-step application process is designed, not only to help us select the best independent agents for our clients, but also to help you decide if the home-based business opportunity you choose is a good fit for you. 

Step 1: Select an Opportunity

Review the many types of Agent Opportunities available at LiveOps. Choose one that appeals to you and matches your skill set. Check out our Phone and Computer requirements, and then apply to get started. Once you become an agent, you can choose to apply to add additional Agent Opportunities to expand your business.

Step 2: Begin Online Application

All applicants must apply through our online application system, where you can read a more detailed description and complete your application. This system allows you to select the opportunity you are applying for, and in some instances, choose the certification start date. Most people complete their application in 20 minutes.

Step 3: Questionnaires and Assessments

Questionnaires and assessments are online tools to help determine if your skills and abilities match our clients’ expectations for the opportunity you select. The screening questions and assessments vary based on the opportunity you have selected and may take 20-45 minutes to complete.

Step 4: Voice Audition

If you meet the initial requirements to become a LiveOps independent contractor, you will be sent an email inviting you to complete a voice audition. The voice audition is done by calling a toll-free number, reading a script, and responding to a few questions. Be sure to call from a quiet location and allow 10-15 minutes to complete the call.

Step 5: Invitation to Contract with LiveOps

LiveOps will review your online application, voice audition, questionnaires, and assessments. If you are selected for the opportunity, you will receive an invitation from LiveOps via email asking you to complete the next steps. Invitations to contract with LiveOps are contingent on successful completion of required paperwork and background and credit checks.

Step 6: Complete Paperwork and Sign Your Contract

The emailed invitation will include instructions to complete the required paperwork electronically, including an independent contractor agreement.

Step 7: Background and Credit Check

Most of our clients require a comprehensive background and credit check. It typically costs $65 but can be more in some instances. You will receive an email asking you to complete the order form and pay for the background and credit check. The background and credit check can take up to two weeks and you may be asked to provide additional information.

*Requirements can vary by agent opportunity and client.
**Licensed Insurance agents will have a background and credit check completed after onboarding certification during the appointment process. 

Step 8: Complete Onboarding Certification

Certification is a combination of online and live sessions that help prepare you to provides services. The certification process provides information on the companies, products, and/or services you will be representing, as well as the tools you will use. At LiveOps, you are not charged a fee to access award-winning certification.

Step 9: Start Taking Calls as a LiveOps Independent Agent

Hooray! Now you can start taking calls and building your business. As an independent agent, you will have access to cutting edge tools and a large community of fellow independent agents that can help show you the ropes.

This is an overview of the typical application process. The steps may vary slightly depending on the home-based business opportunity that you choose.
Important: Throughout the application process LiveOps will communicate with you via email. 

“I have referred several friends to Live Ops and many have become independent [agents], and currently work as independent agents [with LiveOps].”

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“When I heard an interview on ABC News that LiveOps was an at home business connection, I knew it was what I had been looking for.”

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“If you are driven and want to make it work it's a great opportunity!” 

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