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Be an amazing customer service professional for healthcare clients from the comfort of your own home!


The healthcare industry is growing! People with a combination of healthcare experience and world-class customer service skills are in demand. Join the many people who are finding rewarding healthcare work-at-home opportunities with LiveOps.



Healthcare opportunities today encompass so much more than direct patient care roles. LiveOps independent healthcare agents work from home answering inbound calls from callers in a variety of situations. This may include nurses and other members of a healthcare organization, home health-care workers, or patients.

LiveOps independent healthcare agents have excellent interpersonal skills, allowing them to convey genuine sincerity and empathy when speaking with callers. They feel compassion and provide comfort to their callers. These super agents remain professional, patient, and understanding when talking to callers - even on challenging calls.

These caring individuals are also hard-working professionals who pick up on caller cues, and can easily discern needs, and then expertly guide conversations. They pay excellent attention to detail and are careful not to skip steps or make errors, while remaining conversational and providing an excellent call experience. They are quick learners who are able to master client applications and tools.

If you have excellent interpersonal skills and are a caring and empathetic person who loves helping people find a solution, then becoming an independent healthcare agent may be a great fit for you.

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"I worked in nursing for over 20 years; I got to a point where it became hard for me to walk or stand for long periods of time. I found LiveOps and it has been a blessing to me and my family. I can work to provide and also be there when my children play the sports that they choose."

Mom, healthcare professional, and LiveOps Nation Member

"In 2008, cancer took my father's life. We were able to keep him at home and take care of him in his last months; which never would have been possible if it were not for options like those with LiveOps. I want to say thank you to LiveOps."

LiveOps Nation Member

"LiveOps gives me the ability to care for [my elderly father] and also help with our family finances. If I were to work for a brick and mortar company, I would have to look for a nursing facility for him. Being an independent contractor means more to me then I can express. This has been a lifesaver for me."

LiveOps Nation Member and caretaker in Pennsylvania

How do I get started?

Check out important information about our phone and computer requirements, setting up your home office, and what to expect when you apply to become a LiveOps independent healthcare agent.

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What does it take to be a LiveOps independent healthcare agent?

  • Do you have a sincere, professional sounding phone voice? Unsure how you sound to others over the phone? Ask a friend if your phone voice is easy-to-understand and conveys a sincere sense of caring.
  • Do you have healthcare or customer service experience?
  • Are you familiar with the HIPAA privacy laws? Successful agents need to keep patient information confidential by keeping online security up-to-date and refraining from telling anyone about the calls they take.
  • Is pronouncing unusual words, like healthcare terms and medication names, your hidden talent?
  • Are you a master multi-tasker who can carry on a conversation while typing and reviewing notes? Successful independent agents are able to listen, converse, and empathize with callers while quickly accessing and accurately inputting information on a computer!
  • Do you have great problem solving skills that allow you to quickly figure out what the caller needs, identify the appropriate solution, and then clearly and concisely convey the correct information to the caller?
  • Can you handle challenges like emotional callers while maintaining an unshakable positive and professional demeanor?

Healthcare calls can vary depending on the specific client and opportunity. Some of our clients provide services, such as payroll services, to healthcare workers like caretakers. On these calls, you would be using your customer service skills to answer questions and help healthcare workers properly submit their paperwork or resolve payroll issues.

Other call types are more focused on helping patients. For example, pharmaceutical companies need agents with a combination of compassion and professionalism to be patient advocates and help callers with questions about their prescription medications.

Some of our healthcare clients require agents to use a 3rd-party application that is non-scripted. Using a non-scripted application means that you will not have a set script that tells you what to say on the calls, except for legally required disclosures. You will need to look up information on the client’s online platform and use your own conversational skills to convey the information clearly and concisely.

In order to give you the most freedom and flexibility with your work schedule, LiveOps works with agents as independent contractors.

Owning your own business is easier than you think when you partner with LiveOps. We connect professionals, like you, with clients. We have tools available that make managing your LiveOps independent business easy. From award-winning certification courses, to scheduling and invoicing tools – we want LiveOps agents to have the best in the industry. All you have to do is provide fabulous service and manage and grow your business the way you want. At LiveOps, you control your journey – the key to additional growth opportunities lies with you and is based on your performance.

You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. With our large community of agents ready to lend advice, you really can build and own a business to be proud of.

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