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Working from Home Sounded Like Heaven to Me

Toni is one of 10 agents who won a place on the 2016 LiveOps Nation cruise! She learned about LiveOps from her cousin and thought that working from home and being able to set her own hours “sounded like Heaven to me.” Now she shares the opportunity with her friends telling them that “LiveOps is the best among work at home companies and a good one to work with.

I love the fact that I am able to work from home. I can choose my own hours and having that flexibility has allowed me to work different shifts to determine what the best times to work are for me.  I am now working from home 5 days per week, 6 - 8 hours per day. I schedule an hour between each 1 1/2 - 3 hour block that I work for meals and just to have a break from the phone. I usually start working around 4:10 - 5:40 AM and end my day between 2 - 4 in the afternoon.

The savings I have experienced by being an independent agent and working from home have been tremendous...on clothes, food, gas and wear and tear on my car. The weather is no longer my primary concern when I get up each morning. Most of all, I no longer have to schedule my life around 5 days per week, 8 or more hours per day.

I like the fact that the company has different programs that agents can choose to participate in. And I love speaking with our callers, determining their needs and being able to assist them and, every so often, being able to make their life just a little better.

The cruise brought home the fact that even though agents are from different cities and states and have different responsibilities within LiveOps, we are all part of a team…  I'd have to say the most memorable moments were whenever I would encounter another LiveOps agent or staff member, to be able to call them by name and stop and chat for a few minutes about the day, how we were doing and what a great time we were having.


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How do I get started?

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