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LiveOps and the Army Reserves Are a Great Combination

Chantel comes from a military family--her parents met while serving and she was born on the Ft. Bragg Army base in North Carolina. She is currently serving in the Army Reserves and has been part of LiveOps Nation for two years. She primarily provides service to one of our healthcare clients, and also takes calls on the General Line. Her background in medicine and customer service makes her a great fit for both lines.

Chantel serves in the Reserves one weekend a month and two weeks out of the year but embodies the lifestyle and ethics of a soldier at all times. She’s a surgical tech so her work with the Reserves mainly involves going to hospitals and helping care for injured or sick soldiers. She also works as an LPN in clients’ homes, and she enjoys the wide variety of work she gets to do every month.

Working with LiveOps and serving in the Army Reserves has been a great combination for Chantel. She needed a little more work to fit in between her LPN job and the Reserves, and the flexibility LiveOps afforded her made that possible. She can take calls in the morning before work or late at night, as well as on off-weekends from the Army Reserves, but she still gets to spend time at home with her husband and son.

Thank you Chantel for your service and for sharing your story!

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