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Finding Life After Divorce with LiveOps Nation

Finding Life After Divorce

Life after divorce is full of many unknowns and for Ami one of those was what she would do for work. Having owned a business in the past, she didn’t think she could work for someone else. People had always told her she was good at sales, but she didn’t like the idea of being a salesperson. Still the sales opportunity at LiveOps caught her eye. She needed to work and this would allow her to work for herself again.

Eleven years later she is still with LiveOps and she can’t say enough about the good things it has brought into her life:


  1. She was surprised to find that she enjoyed the sales line. In fact, she found it fascinating to take calls for infomercials and to learn about them from the sales side.
  2. She challenged herself to try every call type LiveOps offered her and to go after them with an “I will not quit” attitude. If something wasn’t working she asked questions and persevered until she figured it out.
  3. She made lifelong friends within the agent community – in fact she met her fiancé through LiveOps!
  4. She found her calling, and today calls herself a LiveOps fanatic!

What advice does Ami have for new agents who want to succeed with LiveOps?

“I had to work really hard to make this happen. You need to make a commitment to yourself and take it seriously. When something wasn’t working for me, I asked questions and used the resources available to me to figure it out. I was determined not to let a call get the better of me.”

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How do I get started?

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