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Working from Home Provides Income and Stability for this Veteran

Today, Frank’s life is “boring,” and he likes it that way. He had a tumultuous and chaotic childhood bouncing between foster homes, so when he graduated high school he was looking for some structure, and he decided to join the U.S. military. Right off the bat he found what he was looking for in his recruiter, who made him certain that the military would be that system of stability he needed.

He started working in the Air Force in heating and cooling during the Gulf War. After about 14 months with the Air Force, Frank was working in a hangar when he fell about 13 feet off an air jamb and landed on his back, injuring his spine, hip, and shoulder. He was able to rehabilitate but ended up reinjuring himself later at another job. His disability made it difficult for him to work outside the home, so he began contracting with LiveOps as a way to bring in income.

Frank now provides services primarily to one of our healthcare clients while also working as a real estate property manager. Both types of work allow him to make his own schedule and work largely from home. He says the time he spent in the military turned him from a “clueless child” into someone with leadership skills and the self-motivation, discipline, and work ethic required to earn enough income working from home. While his injuries were difficult to overcome, he now has the stable life he was searching for, and he is glad to have found LiveOps to help provide that.

Thank you Frank for your service and for sharing your story!

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