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Mom Loves the Independence She Gets with LiveOps

Cheyonia works from home with LiveOps

Cheyonia was a mom travelling 82 miles one way to get to work, living on just a few hours of sleep, and struggling to be there for her husband and children. When she went out on unpaid maternity leave she was scared, but then a friend told her about LiveOps. Cheyonia was skeptical, but she took a leap of faith and says, “I have no regrets I love it.”

Before I became an independent agent, I lived off of 3-4 hours of sleep a day. I missed PTA meetings, important school events, and very valuable time with my quickly growing children. I did not see them off to school and most times was too tired to really be an active parent. After becoming an agent while out on maternity leave, I simply loved it.

After a year I decided to leave my job of 11 years. I can attend school plays, and swim meets without begging my boss for the day off or explaining why I cannot swap a shift. I can take the little ones to the park, walk the dog and cook dinner. My children and my husband love that I can make myself available when needed. I love being independent.

On a typical day for me as an independent agent, I grab a cup of Joe and get ready to log in. I try to work from 7-10 am every day. Once I'm done, I try to prep dinner and get the little ones breakfast while I do so. I spend my day with my 1 year old daughter and my 10 month old son. I put them down for a nap about 1 pm. I put dinner on and get any training I need for LiveOps done. At about 3pm the older 3 children start to trickle in. We go over homework. I give them instructions review homework and I return back to work until 8 pm I take a break to go over chores and homework and return about 9 pm to tackle the end of my day if needed to reach my goal for the day.

When describing Live Ops to friends. I explain that we are independent agents that [provide customer service] to various companies. We just do it from home. I explain that there are over a 100 plus different classes you can certify for at your convenience and once you become established you can apply for dedicated line groups. I love the versatility I work 4-5 different lines in a day and some days I only work one. If an emergency arrives I can typically release my schedule to the other agents. It’s a 24 hour operation so you can work any shift and around another job.

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