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Working From Home with LiveOps Gave Jill a Sense of Security

Meet Jill, a licensed insurance agent from Indiana. Jill started her journey with LiveOps to replace lost income after the agency where she worked cut her hours. LiveOps provides her with the financial security she needs in a tough economy.

“This business opportunity was a lifesaver for me… The agency where I work decided to cut hours like that of so many jobs today and without very much notice. Within a short period of time through a referral by another LiveOps agent, I was able to not only join as a new agent, but within about six weeks had also replaced all of the income from the hours lost on my agency position and then some!

I am back to working 40 hours a week between my two jobs. As an independent agent, I normally work between 20 and 30 hours per week and even throw in a Saturday morning from time to time if I'm looking to make some extra income.

 I have my sense of security back and that is invaluable.”

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How do I get started?

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