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Flexible Work Helps Evelyn Stay in Touch with her Son

Evelyn lives in Illinois with her husband. She started working from home when her husband had triple bypass surgery. Now she supplements her husband’s income and helps care for him while taking sales and insurance claims calls.

Evelyn’s son Steven is serving in the U.S. Air Force, and he has been deployed in Afghanistan three times. The first two times he was deployed, she was still working at a brick and mortar job with set hours, and it was very difficult for them to communicate. Because of the time difference and her work schedule, they weren’t able to talk at all for the entirety of his two, six month deployments. She was often up all night wondering if he was ok.

Now that she works from home as part of LiveOps Nation, she is able to call him at odd hours and build her schedule around their calls. They Skype regularly so she can see that he’s doing all right and find out if he needs anything. She often sends him and his buddies care packages with items they need or just stuff to remind them of home.

The peace of mind Evelyn feels from being able to talk with her son on a regular basis is invaluable.

“There’s no guarantee that my son is going to come home,” she says. “Every moment I get to talk to

him, to see if he’s safe, to make sure that he’s ok, is more important than anything in the world.”

Thank you Evelyn for your sacrifice and for sharing your story!

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