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Working from Home Helps Reduce Mom’s Stress

Becoming a work-at-home call center agent with LiveOps helped reduce this mom’s stress by her eliminating her commute and putting her in control of her hours and her income. Recently, Linda had the opportunity to de-stress even more on the 2016 LiveOps Nation cruise. As one of 10 winning agents, Linda and her guest were able to relax and connect with other agents and LiveOps staff.

What does Linda have to say about working from home with LiveOps?

You can't beat the flexibility!  The other agents and I shared how difficult it would be to go back to having someone else dictate our hours to us.  That would be very hard to adjust to.  We love being able to work around our family's schedules. Being a LiveOps agent enables you to take control of your life and your time. 

I also enjoy all the different opportunities to expand and grow within the company.  You get out what you put in.  There's always information to access and people who are willing to help grow your business.

I would highly recommend this opportunity to a friend.

How was the LiveOps Nation Cruise?

The shows were absolutely wonderful; so many talented performers.  Then there was the beautiful weather every single day of the trip with a spectacular view from our room.  The atmosphere was unbeatable, and of course spending time with my family from Florida and getting to meet [other independent agents] was priceless :)

Some of the agents share the same struggles as I do... Regardless of how we came to this point in our lives, we all arrived at the same solution to our challenges.

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How do I get started?

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