Niurvi is achieving work-life balance

Achieving work-life balance is easier when you work from home with Liveops

Niurvi, Florida, joined in 2017

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She found work-life balance for herself and her son.

When Niurvi wanted to make a career change and find better work-life balance, she started out by learning which companies have the highest workplace ratings. She discovered Liveops on and soon became a Liveops agent.

Her experience with Liveops is living up to her expectations.

Be your own boss taking customer service calls

Achieving work-life balance was key for Niurvi and her son

“To me, I’ll tell you, it is priceless, because now I literally schedule my work around my son’s activity, around my home. I love it and now I feel more at peace,” Niurvi said.

In addition, because she doesn’t have to commute to an office, she has more time.

“Since I’ve been working with Liveops, I take my son to school, before he used to (take the school bus). I pick him up from school, as well, which is a precious time. I love it because now he’s telling me all about his day and what he did, what he learned, or if he got in trouble.”

Niurvi has worked in traditional, brick-and-mortar contact centers and is impressed with the Liveops agents she’s gotten to know.

“Usually the people that I’ve seen working in Liveops, are really professional, helpful and really skilled.”

Providing great customer service is Niurvi’s goal 

“I’ve always liked helping customers. I’m in my comfort zone. I’ve been doing customer service for a long time now. And being able to do it from the comfort of my home, it’s great,” she said.

Even though Niurivi is an independent agent working from her living room, she still has accountability.

“We are independent agents and we already know the rules and what we need to do. Yet we still have resources, we still get feedback.”

Her advice for other agents and people considering becoming agents: “Be consistent, provide great customer service. Sometimes you will get customers who are upset or difficult. But if you know the product and you stick to their procedures and you always have in mind the customer service–the customer experience–you should be fine!”

Apply today and start achieving the work-life balance you crave.


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