Jacqueline does customer service work from home

Being your own boss; that’s something to be proud of

Jacqueline, Georgia, joined in 2016

Building a business | Caregivers | Stay-at-home parents
She enjoys customer service and sales calls.

I enjoy customer service calls and sales calls. I like helping people come up with solutions to problems and helping people find things they need.“I’m proud that I am my own boss. I make my schedule around the times I am available to work. I love the fact that I can work as many hours as I want or as little as I need to. I am also proud that I can work from home and still provide for my family.

I love the flexibility. I have children that are active in sports activities outside of school, so it allows me to be able to be to be there when they need me.  Also having a flexible schedule allowed me care for an aging parent when they needed me.

Having a professional background in sales and customer service for over 10 years helps—however, remembering what I would like or expect as a customer helps me to give my customers the service they want and deserve.”

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