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Being a business owner is empowering

Anita, Texas, joined in 2015

Building a business
She is building the life she wants – full of joy, peace, love and service to others.

Anita is the type of person everyone hopes to reach when they call customer service—caring, knowledgeable and simply a delight to talk to. On every call she “tries to be as loving and empowering as possible,” giving the caller her full attention, answering their questions and anticipating what additional information they might need.Being a business owner makes agents feel empowered.

We asked Anita, “What makes Liveops agents stand out?”

“Being a business owner makes agents feel empowered,” she said. “They can work from home, choose their schedule and do work they enjoy. That shows in the energy they bring to every call.”

For Anita, Liveops is a part of her personal journey to a healthier and more spiritual life built around joy, peace, love and service to others. Being a business owner gives her the freedom to choose the type of work she wants to do and the ability to pursue other interests.

In keeping with her goal of being of service to others, Anita tried several call types until she found a service-oriented client that she enjoys.

In addition to her Liveops business, Anita founded and is an active member of a local nonprofit that helps bring healthier food and gardening to her community. She has plans for a second nonprofit and is petitioning her local government to make improvements to create a healthier community.

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