Chris is works from home to accomodate his disability

Disabled? Work from home can be a perfect fit

Chris, Florida, joined in 2017

Disability/health issue
He didn’t let a back injury keep him from finding work he loves.

Chris counts himself very fortunate that he can accommodate his disability with the work from home customer service agent opportunity he found with Liveops.

Working from home with a disability

“It’s actually been a Godsend for me because it gives me the freedom and flexibility to work a few hours at a time, take a break, go back to work, I can work when I want and how I want to work.”

A back injury prevents Chris from sitting for long periods or working a regular 8-5 schedule, which forced him to make a career transition.

“I had to quit a full-time job 13 months ago that I enjoyed because I could not withstand sitting in my chair and being on the phone for nine hours a day,” Chris said.

Work from home that he really enjoys

“I enjoy speaking with people, and now I get to do it on a regular basis. I usually try to book about 60 to 70 shifts a week at Liveops. I’m working seven days a week because I just enjoy [it] so much,” he said.

“I would recommend this [work] for anybody, especially those who want freedom and flexibility. It’s a tremendous opportunity and I hope I can be here for a long time.”

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