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Military spouse finds flexible, portable work with Liveops

Pinkie, Nevada, joined in 2015

Disability/health issue | Military affiliated | Stay-at-home parents
Liveops gave this veteran, military spouse and mom the confidence she needed to start a business.
I started with one client and now can service multiple clients doing what I love to do.

Being a military spouse comes with many challenges, especially when you’re trying to balance work and family. Your schedule can drastically change when your spouse deploys and relocation can mean rebuilding your business or career. Pinkie faced this reality when her husband deployed to Kuwait. Working long hours didn’t give her the time or flexibility she needed to be there for her family. Then she found Liveops.

Find flexible, portable work from home

“My husband was deployed to Kuwait, I was an Assistant Logistics Manager at the time working long hours. I had to cut my hours, find work that best fit my career needs, and offered a flexible schedule. Liveops provided me with the confidence and ease to start my own business providing professional services from home. They enabled me to be there for my family while making an income.”

How is your life different?

“Being a disabled veteran, I have to adhere to the VA scheduling my appointments. Now, I don’t have to worry about missing work for an appointment. It use to take more than an hour to drop off our kids at school and get to work. Now, it takes about 15 minutes. The pressure and stress of commuting and not having enough time while bringing in an income are gone. I have the power to work as much or as little as I want without sacrificing the integrity of my career goals or time with my family.

My career and my business are in my hands. I am most proud of the growth of my business. I started with one client and now can service multiple clients doing what I love to do, providing excellent customer service consistently and helping people one phone call at a time.”

How would you describe Liveops to a friend?

“I would describe being a Liveops independent agent to a friend as freedom, enhanced professional career goals, satisfying and lucrative. Liveops provides an innovative platform with a great supportive team that thrives on your business success. It’s a great feeling to know someone is rooting for your business to grow instead of waiting for it to fail.

Liveops has an amazing team that provides great resources and support to help build my business. The most helpful in building my business are the optional conference calls that give details on the client, what type of calls you will be taking, and an example of the type of call you will have from beginning to end. Liveops University provides courses online at your convenience, and the best part is that you can always go back to those courses after you start your calls. The product info page provides a ton of information on all clients with Liveops. The greatest support I feel is having access to live chat where you can get assistance from Liveops personnel while on a call with a customer or I can send any questions by email.”

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