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Stay connected after retirement with this flexible solution

Linda, Texas, joined in 2009

She stays active and connected in her retirement by selling insurance from home.

“I get up each morning, drink my coffee, and start to work in my PJs and slippers. It is hard to beat that.”

What do you do when you retire and find that you have too much free time? In between projects and visiting family and friends, boredom can creep in. You might even start to miss work. But should you go back?

A few years after retirement, Linda found herself missing the daily contacts she made as an insurance agent. She didn’t want to go back to the office, but she needed to find something to stay productive.

Then she found Liveops, that would provide her with the flexible work at home opportunities she sought. She applied to become an independent, work-from-home insurance sales agent. It was the perfect fit. Now Linda uses her years of insurance experience to work as much or as little as she wants, all from the comfort of home.

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Here’s how Linda makes Liveops work around her retirement:

“I love the freedom to be able to schedule my commits as they fit my personal time. I come and go as I please. I try to schedule my commits several days in a row, then take a couple of days off to regroup. I love the incentives that Liveops offers when you take extra commits and I definitely try to take advantage of those when they are available.

I have licenses in 40 states so I pretty much get calls back to back. I go online and schedule commits that fit that day’s agenda. I get up each morning, drink my coffee, and start to work in my PJs and slippers. It is hard to beat that.

Being with Liveops gives you the freedom to work when it fits your schedule. There is always lots of room for growth and learning is unending. You have the ability to generate lots of money. Obviously, the more commits you take, the more money you make.”

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