From caregiving to retirement, Liveops fits her life

From caregiving to retirement, Liveops fits her life

Sharon, Georgia, joined in 2011

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She was able to care for her mom, make a living and retire comfortably with Liveops.

I could stay at home with my mom and at the same time make a living right from my home office.“Shortly after arriving in Georgia, I became the sole caregiver of my mother who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I learned about Liveops from other business owners. It was a God-sent opportunity for me. I could stay at home with her and at the same time make a living right from my home office.

My mother has been gone some years now and I’ve continued to work with Liveops. I enjoy working from home very much.”

Flexibility to socialize and serve: Sharon became a foster parent

“The first thing I like is, of course, the freedom to make my own schedule, to work the hours and days that fit in with my life. Now that I’m retired, I try to have a social life with great friends and I’ve become very active with the local senior center. Having my own business with Liveops affords me this leisure.

I also took a year off to train and become a therapeutic foster parent to a wonderful teenage foster son. I love not having to give notice or swap days with any one if I need time off.

Another thing I love about working with Liveops is the professionalism, the continued education opportunities, the regular posts about the company and the clients we serve. Through the chat rooms and posts we have access to reach out to someone if we need any kind of assistance.

When there are lulls from time to time with the calls I use that time to find more information about our clients and their products.”

What does Sharon’s typical week look like?

“I’m an early bird, so most days I start around 7 a.m., when my son gets on the school bus, and I’ll work until 1 p.m.—except Wednesdays we bowl, and I love bowling. Sometimes I’ll work both days of the weekends, pretty much the same times. That way, if my son and granddaughter come to spend the weekend, by the time they arrive, I’m finished working for the day.”

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