She found a way to fit work around her life

Lourdes traded traditional contact center work for Liveops and loves it

Lourdes, Florida, joined in 2017

Building a business
She enjoys the freedom remote call center work offers.

Lourdes needed a way to fit work around her life. She says working from home as a customer service agent with Liveops does that and lets her do what she loves—provide great customer service and create art in her off hours.

“Everything they tell you at the beginning—it comes true. I can pick my hours, I see my paychecks. They’re just as big as they were if I was working 40 hours or more a week, but I can work around my family’s schedule,” said Lourdes.

Find meaningful work in customer service

Lourdes works five or six hours a day, five days a week from a corner of her art studio and often she’s covered in paint. She said she goes to work on the telephone for Liveops right after spending time making her art—usually paintings of alpacas for alpaca farmers.

“It gives you a life back,” Lourdes said. “With a flexible work arrangement, you can [experience] the joys of your family and find out what you enjoy doing.”

Better than traditional contact center work

Lourdes has worked in a traditional contact center, which she said was very difficult. “It’s a 9 to 5 job but you add an hour and a half commute before and … after and you’re really working 14 hours a day but you’re getting paid for only eight hours.”

Without a contact center to go to or traffic to fight, Lourdes said “the only bumper to bumper I have is when I trip over my dog.”

Opportunities to do what you love and grow professionally

Lourdes has goals for professional development as a remote agent. She said she knows she can earn more by improving her skills and learning how to provide service for more companies.

Lourdes said she “loves” providing customer service to the people who call her. “I love giving them what they want and what they need. I love when they react at the end of the call and say, ‘Hey, thank you. This was great. You were great.’ That makes me feel so good because I know that I’ve accomplished something good in this world.”

Find work you love that fits your life.


NOTE: Liveops does not guarantee independent agents or business owners will reach a specific level of income. Earning potential varies considerably based on the hours they schedule themselves to take calls, the clients to whom they provide services, the number of states and the specific state in which they are licensed, their relevant skills, as well as individual performance.

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