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She loves the research involved in tax support calls

Mary, Ohio, joined in 2017

Building a business
She enjoys finding the answer the caller needs.

Mary loves providing customer support to people using desktop software to complete their taxes. She makes every call a great experience for herself and the caller. “I enjoy researching and finding the right answer for the customer.”

“I invested my money into new equipment and invested my time … I made that money back within two weeks and gained an opportunity to work at something I love doing.

I enjoy researching and finding the right answer for the customer. Every answer is out there and you just have to research it and then apply it. I want the customer to know that [the client] values their business. My calls are always pleasant experiences for me and for my customer.”

Certification Process

“They clearly explained the [client] requirements and made sure everyone had the tools needed to succeed. [They made us] think fast and do our own research. That method builds confidence and expertise.”

NOTE: Liveops does not guarantee independent agents or business owners will reach a specific level of income. Earning potential varies considerably based on the hours they schedule themselves to take calls, the clients to whom they provide services, their relevant skills, as well as individual performance.

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