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Inbound sales

Work from home: Sales and direct response

Contracting with Liveops as an independent work-from-home sales agent is great for people who want a lot of flexibility in scheduling and enjoy sales. These are fast-paced calls from people interested in a variety of products and services, with incentives that can quickly increase your earning potential.

Be the sales professional every caller wants helping them!

Inbound sales is exciting and the largest independent contracting opportunity at Liveops. It’s high-energy, full of variety, and has strong earning potential for sales professionals who are driven to succeed.

Most new independent agents begin their Liveops journey taking sales calls. We put product information at your fingertips so you can be a superhero sales agent. This is a great way to see if working from home as an independent contractor with Liveops is right for you!

Do you have what it takes to close the sale and get the upsell?

Liveops independent sales agents are passionate about connecting people with great products. Sales is so much more than just taking an order—it’s understanding the caller’s needs and overcoming challenges to close the sale, all while dazzling the caller with enthusiasm for the product and strong product knowledge.

  • Are your positive attitude and enthusiasm contagious? Can you make things sound so exciting that people just have to say yes?

  • Are you goal-oriented, driven to succeed and a bit competitive? Making money on sales calls is all about the effort you put into maximizing the sale.

  • Do you thrive on the challenge of overcoming objections and have the resilience to make every offer on every call, even if callers decline? Successful sales agents don’t take it personally; they just answer the next call and try again.

  • Do you have a pleasant, polished voice and a confident attitude? Successful independent sales agents sound like a friend recommending something they know the caller will love.

What are inbound sales calls like?

You will represent top consumer brands and assist callers in purchasing the products or services they are already interested in. Typically, you’re receiving a call because the customer saw a product advertisement on TV and is calling to learn more and buy.

Our clients’ marketing efforts drive people to call and then you work your magic to convert them into sales. Our clients are looking for agents to be the voice of their brand, achieve sales goals, and strengthen customer loyalty. They want their callers to become customers and be excited that they picked up the phone to call!

You might have calls where the goal is to pre-qualify the caller for the next step in the sales process. On other calls, the goal might be to sell the product and maximize the sale by offering upsells that complement the main product, other product add-ons, or even subscription services.

As an agent, you will have access to our award-winning certification courses. That way, you will be confident and prepared to reach your work-from-home sales goals!