Work from home customer service with Liveops

Welcome to the modern world of customer service, where skilled individuals work remotely on schedules that fit their life. Welcome to Liveops Nation.

Our agents love what they do and it shows on every call. For them, this is more than work from home. Customer service is their calling and Liveops makes it possible for them to do the work they love on a schedule that works around their lives.

Some agents work a few hours a week or a couple of times a month, earning extra money on easier call types. Others are true entrepreneurs who dive in and build their own business, choosing clients and brands they are passionate about and seeking opportunities to expand their skills.

These super-agents master home business skills including tech support, accounting and scheduling, all while being professional brand advocates and winning the hearts of customers, one interaction at a time.

If you love helping people and want to work from home, we offer you an unparalleled opportunity to find customer service work from home that fits your skill level, your interests and your life.

Find your passion as you build your business. You can choose from a variety of customer-focused work ranging from easier entry-level calls that offer a lot of flexibility, to specialized work that requires specific skills and a greater weekly commitment. View our open opportunities to see if we are accepting applications for the work that interests you.

The opposite of being a caged employee

Liveops customer service agents are independent contractors, giving them the freedom and flexibility to work around their lives.

Set up your own work space

Independent contractors purchase and maintain their own home office equipment and can set up their remote office to meet their needs and style. Review the technical requirements.

Choose how to reach your goals

Maximize your potential with opportunities that fit your skills. Review the expectations in your contract or statement of work, and complete certification on time.

Manage your business your way

You’re the boss! Set your performance goals, choose your schedule, opt in to additional learning, and define your professional style.

Money matters

You’ll be responsible for your taxes, health insurance and retirement planning. An accountant or tax professional can help you plan for taxes and deductions.

Make a Rewarding Investment in YOU!

Becoming an independent customer service agent with Liveops Nation is an investment in yourself and the work-life balance you want to achieve. Like any investment, it can take a little time to pay off. Some agents begin meeting their financial goals within their first few weeks while others tell us that it took one to three months for them to see success.

Before you apply, make a commitment to stick with it and give yourself time to learn the ropes, build your performance and reach your goals. You won’t be doing this alone. You’ll be part of Liveops Nation—a network of people who were born to help.

This opportunity has truly changed my life. The flexibility, independence and the confidence it gives is immeasurable. Danyel