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Finding Work from Home with LiveOps Means FREEDOM

Alinda first joined LiveOps Nation when she was having trouble finding work after a move. Years later she came back to enjoy the freedom that being an independent contractor agent gave her, and recently she was able to join other agents and LiveOps staff on the 2016 LiveOps Nation cruise.

What does Alinda have to say about finding work from home with LiveOps?
Freedom!!!!!  I absolutely love the freedom that I have to work the hours that I want, and to set my own lunch hour, in particular. Formerly, I worked somewhere that I would have lunch one day at 10 AM and then the next day at 3 PM.  I love not having to work on weekends or holidays. 

The word FREEDOM definitely sums up my experience with LiveOps.

Working for Herself Means Alinda Chooses Her Own Schedule
I usually work 8 to 8.5 hours Monday-Thursday.  On Friday I only work about 7 hours.  I don't work on Sundays.  I may work an hour or so on the insurance line on Saturday. I work 10:10 to 1:10 PM and then I work 2:40 PM until 7:10 PM.  I return to work at 9:10 PM to 10:10 PM.  I only work on the Licensed Insurance line after 9 PM and maybe on Saturday.

How would Alinda describe being a work-at-home call center agent?
I would describe being an agent as [an opportunity] that has a lot of potential and freedom.  You do need discipline to do well. I would let them know that the Chat rooms are very professional and helpful.  I would make them aware of the benefits to being a contractor.

Because LiveOps has a variety of clients, it is possible for many agents to find a good fit within LiveOps.

And what was her favorite part of the cruise?
My favorite part of the cruise was watching the sunrise from my balcony and meeting some other LiveOps agents.

How do I get started? Before you apply

How do I get started?

Check out important information about our phone and computer requirements, setting up your home office, and what to expect when you apply.

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