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Donna Decided to Start a Home-based Business with LiveOps

home sweet home-based business

Donna is a former office professional from Illinois who decided to start a home-based business with LiveOps after a friend told her how great it was to work from home. She loves working when she wants to work instead of on someone else’s schedule. In her own words, “It’s great!”

Starting a home-based business and being your own boss means more freedom and flexibility. This flexibility became important to Donna when her father was injured in a car accident.

He had some serious issues and was in the hospital for a while then went to a rehab facility. My mother has severe dementia and cannot be left alone. That meant that someone had to stay with her 24/7 until Dad was on his feet again”.

My family and I took turns staying with her and with my dad after he was back home. I was the primary caregiver. I don't know of any other job with such a flexible schedule that would have allowed me to keep working when I wanted to work as much or as little as needed”

While Donna enjoys the flexible scheduling, she is also smart about running her business and puts in the time to make it a success: I try to work 8:40 to 4:40 or 5:10 through the week and a few hours on the weekend.”

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How do I get started?

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