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At 69 Years Old, Jocinda Loves Being Her Own Boss!

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Jocinda likes that she can be her own boss, while still having opportunities to improve her skills, and lots of support from other LiveOps Nation Members to help her business succeed.

"There's a lot of opportunity to learn more about personal relations, sales techniques & Customer Service that can actually be applied.

There is a very supportive community within LiveOps from the agents themselves. The clients of LiveOps work to help create a viable work force and the [certification] & opportunities available are pretty diverse.

I must say [though], that the best thing about being an Independent Agent is: NO CAR POOLS, NO MORNING COMMUTE, NO DEALING WITH BOSSES looking over my shoulder just waiting for me to screw up!! LOL!! Well, maybe that's not really true, but sometimes it felt that way.

It's a little scary to think that I am the one in control for the most part, but you get over the fear & each day YOU make that day happen. There's a forum with a LOT of data given by the agents regarding their experiences. Some are funny, but all help you realize you're not alone, even [though] you sit quietly in your OWN office, running your OWN business. It's a good thing.

Do LiveOps and their clients have expectations? Of course they do, but you can make it a pleasurable & profitable business venture. All you really need to do is be willing to take responsibility. It is after all YOUR BUSINESS."

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How do I get started?

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