She loves her home business

This home business gives Liveops 5 stars

Sharon, Georgia, joined in 2009

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She brings 20-plus years of call center industry experience to her home business.

I am most proud of being affiliated with a company that has gained the respect of others in the contact center industry from employees, clients, and agents.“I am a contact center professional with more than 20 years of experience in high impact bottom-line roles ranging from client liaison to business development to employee relations and operations procedure implementation, including curriculum writing and delivery.

I started with Liveops as an independent business owner in 2009 when I decided that I no longer wanted to deal with a daily commute and the expenses associated with working at a traditional contact center.”

Sharon gives Liveops a 5-star rating for several reasons

Certification. “The various learning delivery methods and platforms capture your attention. Being able to practice with scripts removes some of the anxiety and nervousness of the unexpected. You can practice responses to objections with a better understanding of what is [preferred by the client].”

Communication. “Having a forum for anytime interactions with other agents across the United States; chat while servicing callers; a messaging platform for business concerns; and optional conference call sessions with an open dialogue. Also, various newsletter formats to keep you up-to-date on important topics and the Facebook groups that put a face to the many people within the Liveops Nation family and their diverse backgrounds and interests.

Engagement. “Liveops proactively seeks feedback from agents on dynamics that directly impact the agents, clients, and Liveops’ success. ’”

Schedule flexibility and availability. Liveops provides people “with varying skill sets with the unique opportunity to become an independent business owner while meeting the demands and obligations of their family.

These are what make Liveops Nation the number one virtual contact center solution for both clients and agents.”

What is Sharon’s secret to success?

Passion. “My passion for helping others focuses the experience on the customer’s needs, resulting in great customer service.”

Practice. “I have an established cycle of practice, rethink, and more practice with an understanding that great customer service does not happen overnight.”

Customer-service mindset. “I always remain attentive and focused on the customer with an ever-present service mindset.”

Ability to connect. “I have traveled throughout the United States and abroad to enjoy and appreciate the characteristics that each state and city has to offer. I use these distinct characteristics to connect with customers.”

People skills. “My education and learned skills as a human resources professional and client liaison help me identify with customers’ spoken and implied needs while remaining conscious of the clients’ expected results.”

Build a successful home business with Liveops.

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