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How Bobby left corporate America to be his own boss

Bobby, Georgia, joined in 2015

Building a business
He left corporate America to be his own boss.

“After being an inventory manager for several years, the company where I worked closed and moved over an hour away. They did not want to pay what I was worth so I expanded the business I already had by adding Liveops, and chose not to work for corporate America again.

With Liveops, I have the chance to help people on the phone which I really like doing.

Brightening up the day of someone who may not have started out with a great day and helping people feel better by talking to them. Making the phone calls more about the person I’m talking to than myself is part of the foundation for success that has been my personal strategy.

I also enjoy being able to schedule work time when I like and knowing my hard work pays off decently. It allows me to be flexible in helping people outside of working with Liveops, which is something I enjoy doing. I’m also an actor and it allows me to do movies and TV shows.”

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