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Reduce work stress and take control with Liveops

Yvette, Ohio, joined in 2016

Building a business | Stay-at-home parents
At the end of the day I'm balanced and feel like a hell of a woman.
At the end of the day I’m balanced and feel like a hell of a woman.

Yvette knew she had to make a change when work stress starting taking a toll on her health. As a single mom, it was a battle to drive the kids around, get groceries, clean laundry and provide for her family. Driving to work on someone else’s schedule wasted time she didn’t have.

Liveops changed Yvette’s life by helping her build skills and connecting her with work she can do from home. Now Yvette is in control of her schedule and can be the superwoman she was meant to be.

Reduce work stress and take control with Liveops

How did joining Liveops Nation change your life?

“Liveops has made me a confident person. I get support from other agents and using all the interactive tools makes me feel very proud to be a part of the remote community. The optional conference calls helped me in the beginning, and feedback from Liveops staff and other agents made my business successful and taught me how to be a five-star agent.

Becoming an agent has taken the burden of rushing off my shoulders and eliminated the stress that was making me unhappy and unhealthy. Now, I shop healthier at the grocery store without rushing, my laundry is always a reasonable amount, and I provide for my family by making my own schedule around their schedule.

I get up and take care of myself with meditation and coffee. After I fulfill my needs, I log on to Liveops. I work three hours and break for lunch, go walking and do personal business for two hours. Then I log back on and work three more hours, then start dinner. At the end of the day, I’m balanced and feel like a hell of a woman.”

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