Terrilynn is proud of her woman owned small business

She is proud of her woman-owned small business

Terrilynn, Georgia, joined in 2010

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She is a highly educated and skilled business professional.
“Everyone knows I am a business professional, highly educated and skilled for any endeavor.  That is just the way I roll.”

Terrilynn is proud member of the National Association of Women Owned Small Businesses, Inc. who brings a wealth of experience to the Liveops Nation, including:

Education – Graduated from business school and earned three bachelor degrees.
Industry experience – Worked for 17 years in the insurance industry.
Business experience – Owned a boutique and salon for 12 years and currently owns a personal concierge service and her business through Liveops
Life experience – Performed in major cities across Europe as a professional jazz and ballet dancer.

What is it like to own a small business with Liveops?

“As an independent agent I have opportunities to contract with many different types of companies allowing me to learn more and add to my experience. I love the freedom of setting my own hours, days, and which company I want to provide services for daily or monthly. I also love meeting new people.I have worked most of the other work-from-home opportunities.  For me Liveops is the best.

Working as a virtual agent is great because I do not have a dress code. I save on gas and have no traffic worries or need to be concerned about the weather or temperature.

I get to enjoy life on a higher level now. I work when I want and schedule my work around my personal activities. With Liveops, I just schedule [the hours I’ve committed to] first thing monthly.

I am always asked ‘How can I do what you do! I want to work from home.’

I have worked most of the other work-from-home opportunities.  For me Liveops is the best. I like being able to change clients. There is no charge for the client you want to work or months of classes without pay*.”

Are you ready to become a small business owner? Find out what you need to get started.

*Note: The length of certification classes varies and agents are not paid for time spent completing the certifications they choose for their business.

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